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The National Hockey League (or simply NHL) is an association that operates the major professional league of hockey from the United States. These were just some free online hockey games, and of course there are so many more others. Some of its famous games are FIFA (a soccer game), the NBA Live series (basketball), Madden NFL (American football), Grand Slam Tennis (tennis), Tiger Woods PGA tour (golf) and also the NHL series (hockey).   All of these games have a different version almost every year, and their names change according to the year.

It is by far the most popular hockey league in the world, and it is the dream of any hockey player to play some day for a team in NHL. The good part is that you will find many free hockey game on the internet, and today we are going to discuss some of them.
Like we mentioned in previous articles, the alternative for the expensive games are the free online games.

And let’s not forget that it is absolutely free, so any hockey fan should be pleased with it.

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