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The Washington Nationals Scoreboard Pavilion is named for its location just under the scoreboard at Nationals Park. Washington Nationals scoreboard pavilion seats are numbered from 237 to 243 on the second level of seating within the ballpark. Baseball fans should study the Washington Nationals seating chart and read additional information on the various seating locations at Nationals Park: Nationals Lexus Presidents Club, Nationals Home Plate Boxes, Nationals PNC Diamond Club, Nationals Home Plate Reserved, National Dugout Boxes, Nationals Infield Boxes, Nationals Baseline, Nationals Corner, Nationals Outfield Reserved, Nationals Center Field, Nationals Club, Nationals Mezzanine, Nationals Scoreboard Pavilion, Nationals Terrace, Nationals Gallery, and Nationals Upper Gallery.
Washington Nationals scoreboard pavilion tickets purchased directly from the team cost as little as $18 each when purchased from the team on a full season basis and as much as $24 for an individual game ticket during a weekend.

The Nationals Park seating chart shows the Nationals scoreboard pavilion seats on the second level of seating and above the Nationals outfield reserved seats from the right field corner to right-center field.
Within the Nationals scoreboard pavilion seats, the best seats are are in the front rows near aisles. Secondary market ticket sellers often have Nationals scoreboard pavilion tickets for a cheaper price for most regular season games. Nationals scoreboard pavilion seats are slanted, granting reasonable sight lines for every seat in the section, but the view of fans in the back rows can still be obstructed by patrons sitting in the front rows.

Limited access into and out of the National scoreboard pavilion seats also increase the amount of movement throughout the section and heighten the desirability of seats positioned on the aisle.

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