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Buy soccer predictions with 100% secure payments.It's very easy and takes less than half minute. Soccer-tips is a consulting company and release paid analyzed soccer tips aka football predictions.
Predictions are released from very good soccer tipsters with huge experience and knowledge.
When you finally place your huge wager on a sure favorite of game or your favorite soccer team, this is the time to start praying. Money management system also known as money management strategy is very important part of soccer betting. The most common betting money management strategies in our days are: Martingale, Row of numbers and Kelly criterion.
EPL: Manchester United - Stoke City tipThe Red Devils looks stronger in their last matches and on Tuesday night, they have a chance for another memorable moment. Eight winners in the groups and eight runners-up are already expecting the draw for eliminations on Monday, December 16th in Nyon.
To make a accurate predictions is needed many qualities, knowledge and of course, you should not be afraid to take a risk. No trusty individual will be willing to share free soccer tips if they are valuable and precise. Even if a bookmaker provides some soccer stats data to attract you as a regular client, they won't offer so valuable data.
It is actually possible to find precise and successful free soccer tips that will help you win some cash like our paid soccer tips. With live betting, the odds and winning amounts change as goals are scored and as matches progress. Step two is to pick a game to handicap and compare each team’s goals for and goals against to the average.
Soccer betting is the general activity of estimating football results by making a wager on the outcome of a football game. To be able to win a soccer bet, you should be aware of a few things that will help you be more efficient, especially if you are going to bet using the Over or Under? method.
You would first have to decide how many goals you think the winning team will make and also decide how many the opposing teams will make, if any at all. For example, there will be a soccer match between Team A and Team B, the bookie estimates that the total score of Team A and B put together at the end of the game would be 7 (Team A=4 and Team B=3), based on your research and analysing you think that the match will end in a 2 all draw (Team A=2 and Team B=2) that would be a total of four, less than what the bookie estimated, you would then place an Under bet. Even though the procedure seams pretty easy, you will still need to do some research and collect a report. The best way to do this is to find a website that will provide you with report and statistics on previous games, there are many of these sites on the internet and allot of them offer the information for free. Total Goal Under 2: The total goal of the match is 2 goals, the bet is draw, If the total goal of the match is less than 2 goals, you win your bet.
If you are betting Total Goal Over in soccer betting, you can win many times more than your original bet when betting Total Goal Over.

We are accurate most of the times when we deliver our soccer tips, soccer picks to members for Total Goal under.
When the game clock shows less than 15 minutes, the live betting odds for Total Goal Over will be very cheap, if you feel uncomfortable, you can buy insurance on half your original bet at a much cheaper price. But we usually would send email and sms to our members if the odds offer by the bookmakers shows that they are predicting more goals to come.
This calculation is done by a formula which calculates the average number of goal attempts created by a team and the average number of goal attempts allowed by the opponent. Given the expected number of goal attempts and information for how many of them will be realized as goals I can have an idea of how many goals I expect to be realized in that match. They search and bring information for every team, player, coach, shape of footballers, information in google and forums.
After a home win over Hull City on Saturday (3-0), Manchester United need to book their fourth league win in a row over the Stoke City, where the hosts don’t have a great record against the Red Devils. Also will help you to build or select a strategy and to start realizing great profits from it. Football betting is possibly more varietal than other forms of gambling in terms of the legality and overall acceptance. An over bet would be if you thought the outcome will be more than the bookie’s prediction. Once you are able to obtain the data , set about finding information on the two football teams that are about to play in the soccer game that you want to bet on.
If total goals is 3 goals, you loss half your bet and if more than 3 goals, you loss your bet.
If there is an early goal in the match the odds will be updated by the bookmakers and you will place another bet for the next available odds offer by the bookmakers in live betting. So when you have won 7 times your original bet with less than 10 minutes left on the game clock, the odds for another Total Goal Over and Under for Over will be very cheap.
But there will be time that there will be early goal scored and possibly another goal score later on as the match go on.
If there is a goal score to upset your original bet, you've covered half of your bet and if no more goal scored, you win your original bet. I am talking about a ratio of the number of goal attempts created by the teams and how many goals they succeed to score.
Simply put, because if a team is in a good form in August and September and created many situations and scored goals, it doesn’t mean that this team will perform just as well for example in December. By the result I make a factor that is applied to the goal attempts created and allowed by both teams in the last four games.
I convert my expectations in odds by adding the 7% margin for the betting house and if I have gaps of more than 10 percent between my predictions and suggested by the bookmaker betting odds I bet. Tottenham Premier League Prediction for 3rd December 2014The rest of the English top teams are still waiting for Chelsea to lose their first game of the season. Newcastle United Premier League Prediction for 2nd December 2014Newcastle finally crashed their run of successes with a defeat at West Ham last weekend.

If you manage to use the provided information properly and to develop appropriate strategy, you can turn this quite entertaining system to a long-term profit.
In this case let’s add their calculated expectations to the league average and divide by two. With the over or under betting you will placing your football bet based on what you think the total score of both football teams will be at the end of the game.
Now to make an over soccer bet, you bet that the total out come of the game score will be higher than the figure given, The under betting is very similar except on the opposite side, you will still follow the same procedure of putting the scores together, but after that you will have to bet that the outcome will be lower than what the bookie predicted the outcome to be.
Try to find out if those two teams have played with other before and look at the outcome, this will be very beneficial especially if they played together more than once. After each game for each team I add the number of goal attempts created by the host and the number of realized goals. Teams are in different form during the season, attackers and defenders get injured and that’s why I decided to consider only the last four games for each team. Liverpool Football Prediction for 2nd December 2014Liverpool travel to Leicester City on Tuesday night where the hosts need to put an end to their eight-game winless run.
Many bettors use this method, but to be honest, this is the most unreliable and inefficient method of play.
When both teams are high scoring and will remain on the attack you’ll need to adjust the scoring up. However, there are many football bettors that make a good income betting on soccer games some of them utilize sports information services.
So tipster do work, analyse, spend hours a day on the PC to make better results, than the previous month and want to get more and more wins.
You would expect there to be a bit of blood and thunder about this one and probably not a lot of goals. If someone is taking the under they are saying that no more than 2 goals are going to be scored in the game. Also adjustments should be made for injuries, form, motivation, red card situations and the like.
We think that like every job this work cost money, so you like a customer, decide to choose free or paid predictions.
There are good free services and good paid services, but no one can say, that can make 100% winnings. Mostly tipster gives several kinds of soccer betting tips: 1X2, 12 on Asian handicap and under over. Those are one of the most popular predictions on soccer matches. 1X2, 12 on Asian handicap and under over.

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