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When first entering the world of sports betting even a seasoned sports fan can find the vast array of information on offer daunting. If these two stumbling blocks haven’t stopped you you may now be thinking this isn’t the type of bets I get down my local high street bookie.
Ok, so I might have gone off on a bit of a tangent there so let’s get back to what this article is all about; explaining different bet types.
Outright betting is a particular favourite of mine, because it seems a lot easier to find value than in any other bet type.
Outrights often go under the name of futures or ante post betting, they are typically season or tournament long bets such as World Cup winner, league winner or Cup winner. This type of betting is recommended to the punter with a decent sized betting bank and is in it for the long term. For more information on all the different types of multiple bets go through our betting calculator articles. A bet type more commonly found in America as this bet type works better with sporting events that are high scoring, such as Basketball and American football. If you are looking to take part in spread you’ll need to have good control of your emotions, as the swings with this type of bet far out way that of any other bet type. Betting exchange companies have just brought this type of bet to another level, now instead of just your mate, you can bet against thousands of other sports betting fans. When betting exchanges (or particularly betfair) first came about, it was a massive shock to traditional bookies.
Asian Handicaps cause a lot of confusion amongst European punters, but for the seasoned pro it is a betting staple.

These types of bets don’t really have a name but I have called them lottery bets due to the massive pay-outs and the chances you have of actually winning.
These are generally only offered for horse racing and dog racing, although you will find some bookmakers offering it for other types of outrights. You also have tricasts and the same three types of bets but with tricasts you need to pick the first three finishers. A bet type new punters love as it gives a bit of insurance should your horse just fail to win.
With betting exchanges this is very different, you still get a return based on finishing position but here you will have odds that aren’t a set fraction of the win odds, although they do normally come pretty close. It is likely that I may have missed out a couple of different types of bets so fell free to add to the list in the comments sections. A sports betting lover with many years of industry experience, working in roles such as in-play trader, pre-event odds compiler, risk management and trading solutions (a team with the goal of automating all aspects of the trading room). And you might be right, as some betting sites have moved on from the traditional ways of betting. If you’re risk adverse and have a skill in trading betting markets this is defiantly a type of bet for you. A basic explanation is Asian Handicaps are a type of bet in which each team is given a handicap (by means of goals, points, etc.) in order to level the match up.
Obviously with full ball Asian Handicaps a draw is very likely, but isn’t an option in the betting. During the advert breaks on any live game you will see a host of betting companies telling you what the current in-play odds are.

Depending on the sport and the number of participants the pay-out terms from bookmakers differ, and in horse racing it changes depending on the type of race. Then navigating online bookmakers, these people know their sports and have a huge selection to choose from, the standard horse racing or football bet can get lost in this mass of sports. I knew nothing of the types of bets that were possible and all I wanted was to bet my chosen horse would win. But some do involve sports, probably the most popular sports related specials are that of the next manager markets.
The best way to describe lay bets is that you are betting in the hope something will not happen. Why would this cause confusion I here you ask, well Asian Handicaps have three different pay-out structures based on the type of handicap given.
It is the typical “fast cash fun” that can be had at the casinos – next card, next corner, next goal etc. I’m inclined to agree with the bookies on this, but having said that I have also seen the margin this type of bet returns for bookies – around 40%, and this is why you always see this bet type displayed in betting shops front window and this is why I’ll never be betting on scorecasts.
It is not really its own type of bet as it is actually just a host of the other bet types discussed in this article, but due to its ever growing popularity I though it deserved a special mention.
This bet type is a two-way market, meaning one side or the other wins – draws aren’t an option.

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