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The debate over whether Fox News is a legitimate news enterprise has seized many in the press and academia. The Factor: The bestselling author mixes news, interviews and analyses, and some of his most passionate commentaries, not surprisingly, deal with liberals (such as, to pick one name at random, Al Franken). The only ones who thinks this show has something to do with news are ultra-nationalist conservatives who believe everything that bashes anti-Bush people.
The O’Reilly Factor is just as legitimate as news as The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. Find out what's on FOX 11 right now and search listings for your favorite FOX 11 show times.

Then, scanning down to the listings, you will see that TV Guide does not consider The O’Reilly Factor to be a news program. CNN has always been a dedicated news programmer, just as Fox has always been a propaganda vehicle for the Republican National Committee.
However, glancing down a little further reveals that TV Guide does view Keith Olbermann’s Countdown as news. Dig even further than that and you’ll see that the entire Fox News schedule is not designated as news with the exception of Studio B with Shepard Smith.
Even Special Report, the program anchored by Brit Hume, Fox News’ managing editor and chief Washington correspondent, is apparently not really news.

But CNN’s entire broadcast day is identified as news except for Lou Dobbs and Larry King.

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