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Spending the money has always been easier than earning them and the top most famous bankrupt athletes are the proof of that. The Olympic Games represent the largest sports competition in the world for both summer and winter sports. Thousands of athletes compete in each edition, the Olympic medals being considered the supreme title in many sports.
Any sport has an element of risk – even playing snooker you could definitely take your eye out (or someone else’s). If you were expecting this top 10 most dangerous sports list to be filled with macho sports or extreme activities like surfing or skiing. Horse riding is one of the top 10 most dangerous sports though it is seldom classed as such. So if horse riding makes it into the top 10 most dangerous sports, then of course bull riding has to. If you are sensible in rock climbing it is possible to avoid it being as dangerous as it could be.
In particular the Isle of Man TT event wins this position in the top ten most dangerous sports and over the last hundred years there have been over 220 deaths in this event alone (so it still beats horse riding…).
The latest urban craze that sees people leaping between buildings stories up with no harnesses and doing back flips off of telephone boxes onto concrete is of course one of the top 10 most dangerous sports in the world. Anything that involves jumping out of a helicopter is going to be dangerous and skiing is also responsible for many deaths and injuries per year. I will have to admit it that I am not man enough to do any of these top ten dangerous sports.
I just do not understand why someone would put cheerleading on the top ten list of dangerous sports. Those who are looking for adrenaline should try at least one item in top 10 most dangerous sports.

Aha, Shannon, Just because Horse riders have protective helmets does not mean that it’s not as dangerous as CheerLeading. The Pragmatic Side: horse riding is more dangerous, as it contains much greater potential danger. The Statistical Side: cheerleading is more dangerous because more injuries result, a fact which cheerleaders apparently boast of.
From all these top 10 most dangerous sports, bull riding is the most dangerous in my opinion.
The active years are limited and varies depending on sport but many top athletes manage to gather a fortune from sports. Huge mansions, luxury jets, state of the art yachts, unique cars, expensive jewelry and unbelievable parties are just few of the things that sports stars spend money on. From the long list of sports there are some very dangerous ones because practicing them you can risk injuring yourself or even risk your life. Golf: The sport looks harmless because is not any physical contact between the competitors but the number of deaths encountered on the golf course is up to 4,000 a year. Associated Press members selected athletes with most impressive performances in the 2000-2010 decade. However snooker is still not normally considered that risky and there are those sports definitely considered to be more dangerous than others.
Surprise then that one of the top 10 most dangerous sports is in fact cheerleading – but it makes sense when you think that they get thrown in the air, build human towers and have to do multiple spins and flips while air-born. Not to mention the abundance of unfriendly sea creatures you could meet in some caves… Any diving is really quite dangerous, but cave diving has to take the prize as the most risky and the position on our top ten most dangerous sports list. However it still makes the list of the top ten most dangerous sports as there are many related deaths each year.
Boxing made the list of top 10 most dangerous sports over UFC because it is actually in some ways more dangerous and more likely to cause injury.

Thus heli-skiing, which involves jumping out of a helicopter to land on skis on the side of a mountain… tops off our top ten most dangerous sports in the world. The fact that you have no pads on your fists in UFC means that too many hard blows to the face will break your knuckles – whereas it’s the face and head that take most of the battering in boxing.
Some other sports mentioned in top 10 most dangerous sports are for kids, compared to this.
Try Youtubing competitive cheerleading or why cheer is a sport and im sure you’ll see the type of things we go through. I don’t like to practice them and I don’t like to watch any of these top 10 most dangerous sports. Even if it isn’t one of the top 10 most dangerous sports in my opinion, it is probably one of the most entertaining. This sport should be on the first place among these top 10 most dangerous sports, because it is indeed very dangerous. So, none of these top 10 most dangerous sports are more dangerous than other sports or other actions.
Have you noticed most professionals are like thirty and above well thats because we have to learn the basics perfectly and it takes years before we can evemn THINK about doing serious jumps.
It is an amazing sport that forms a bond with your horse like no other i wouldnt trade it for anything.

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