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The season opens with Dana White explaining the format change of the show from a single elimination tournament to a truly team based competition. Robinson claims that initially he was a part of ATT but was kicked out and four fighters decided to leave, Robinson was able to help create their own gym.
During the selection meetings, it is mentioned that the fighters from both gyms range from prospects to veterans from the WSOF and Bellator promotions.
Following the team selections, both teams are boated to a local mansion where members of both teams will be housed. Round one starts out with both men fighting on their feet and Usman eventually takes Graves down several times but doesn’t get in any ground and pound. A native Californian, Matthew Salzer first fell in love with martial arts when he was introduced to wrestling at the age of 11 by his mother. The sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 21 went down Wednesday night, as Jason Jackson took on Marcelo Alfaya.

Jackson picked up a majority decision victory, giving the Blackzilians control back of the fight-gym.
There will be a total of twelve fights with the first four matches counting for 25 points, the next four wins counting for 50 points, and the final four matches counting for 100 points. Around the same time Rashad Evans left Jackson’s MMA and Anthony Johnson also joined soon. White comes in and welcomes both teams to The Ultimate Fighter and flips the coin which results in the Blackzilians getting home gym advantage which they must hold onto by winning their first match.
ATT picks Michael Graves while the Blackzilians pick Kamarudeen Usman. While both men face off at the weigh-ins the more intense face off is between Lambert and Robinson.
There are also several times during the round that Graves grabs the fence and is warned but isn’t penalized. Close to the same time he fell in love with Mixed Martial Arts while living in Japan when he was introduced to PRIDE FC on public Japapese TV.

The eight fighters from each team can fight anywhere from zero times up to three times in the competition. Matthew has experience in wrestling both as a successful athlete, graduating from Missouri Baptist University with a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences on a partial scholarship and as a coach with high school experience at Orange Lutheran and Villa Park High Schools and at the kids club level with Team TCB and Team Crucifixtion Wrestling Clubs.
He also recently started writing for the website Funky Monkey MMA with his own column titled Matthew's Corner.

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