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Inquirer chair Marixi Rufino Prieto with the Magsanoc family and President Benigno Aquino III during the wake of Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc.
Aquino mentioned the numerous achievements of LJM, from having served as editor of the magazine Panorama, then transferring to Mr. The term mosquito press stemmed from Marcos himself who described the critical press like mosquitos – stinging at the first bite, but easily swathed. What one newspaper lost, Philippine journalism and the reading public gained, when Tita Eggy Apostol asked Tita Letty to join the team behind Mr. Aquino said the Inquirer under the Marcos regime played a significant role in mounting the public outcry to topple the dictator.
Aquino said he was reminded of the stern nuns in Catholic schools when he thinks of LJM’s signature look.
But every time LJM gives the President that look, LJM’s face would break into a wide smile, Aquino said. Aquino said he hoped LJM’s smile to him indicated that she was satisfied with how he faces the challenges of a presidency.
In the end, LJM is a person of a nurturing heart but tough for the people to meet her standards. Magsanoc, one of the founders of the Inquirer, passed away last Thursday, Christmas Eve, at St. MANILA, Philippines — A man nearly died in Marikina City after he tried to catch the thief who robbed a woman of her purse early Tuesday morning. Mojar was immediately brought by his relatives to the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center for treatment and remains under observation. TWO MALE residents of the village of Kauran in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao province, display an assault rifle that they said was one of the weapons they would use to repel another attack by BIFF guerrillas. Male residents of the village of Kauran said they were not leaving anything to chance following attacks by the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) that started on Christmas Day and had already killed at least six villagers. Abu Misri Mama, BIFF spokesperson, said members of the guerrilla group, which had broken off with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) over disagreement on peace talks with the government, had clashed with armed men in the village and killed six. Residents of Kauran said that aside from killing six of their neighbors, BIFF guerrillas also attacked the village of Palian on Dec.
Since the Christmas Eve attack, only male residents move around the village while children and women were moved to the village hall.
Biling Linasa, Kauran village chair, said he could not blame his people as they were really hurt by the deaths of their relatives and neighbors.
Asked to comment on civilians taking up arms, Bunayog said only militiamen would be allowed to carry firearms in the village.
THE YEAR 2015 in northern and central Luzon began by birthing new heroes and by reminding people that compassion is a global ideal. The execution of Mary Jane Veloso, an overseas worker from Nueva Ecija province, was suspended by the Indonesian government on April 29, amid the appeals of nongovernment organizations and the Philippine government. Not one of the 49 container vans filled with imported trash had been returned to Canada almost three years since 103 containers of garbage were smuggled into Manila in 2013. Environmentalists, Tarlac officials and residents ended up disappointed when the Canadian trash issue was excluded from talks between President Aquino and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Manila. In Pangasinan province, 2015 was about a fight to save 770 trees, which the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) intended to remove to widen a section of the Manila North Road (MNR) traversing five towns and Urdaneta City. As DPWH applied for an extension of its permit, environmentalists asked an Urdaneta City court to issue a temporary environmental protection order over the condemned trees. Beachgoers and their children took a break from their holiday at All Hands Beach to bring the baby turtles to their natural habitat at 4 p.m. Children watched the newly hatched turtles race to the shore as the animals made their way to the sea for the first time. All Hands Beach is among seven major areas inside the free port that have been identified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as nesting sites for marine turtles (pawikan). Castillo, who witnessed the release, said an adult sea turtle laid 42 eggs in November but only 36 were hatched.
Emerita Sebial, chief of the protected areas, wildlife and coastal zone management service in Olongapo City, said three of the seven species of sea turtle in the world can be found in Zambales province. The DENR has been recognizing the efforts of All Hands Beach in the conservation and protection of the marine turtles and their habitat, Sebial said. The SBMA Ecology Center identified the beaches of Waterfront Area, Dungaree, Edgewater, Grande Island, Camayan and Minanga as the other nesting sites for sea turtles here. The results were shocking: Whatever the impact of radiation on animals may be, the effects of human habitation seem to have been a lot worse. Even though radiation levels dropped by a factor of nearly 100 in the months after the accident, the area is still judged unfit for human habitation.
Some might expect that, nearly 30 years later, the area around the reactor remains a wasteland, sparsely populated by genetically damaged animals exposed to chronic radiation across multiple generations. To be sure, the fact that animals are thriving at Chernobyl does not mean that radiation is good for wildlife.
Even some of our most well-meaning environmental efforts, such as the fight against climate change, have led to the expansion of the human presence into previously untouched wilderness.
The morning after is unnerving, and the women and men of the Inquirer are going about their work as though on autopilot. In 2001, a nongovernment organization called the Caucus of Development NGO Networks (CODE NGO) thought of raising money for financing antipoverty projects by tapping capital markets through development bonds. So, the Bureau of Treasury issued P35 billion worth of 10-year Poverty Eradication and Alleviation Certificate (PEACe) bonds at zero interest, tax-free, to allow CODE NGO to sell on the secondary market for profit and attract investors.
In March this year, the court nullified the BIR ruling and the bonds were declared tax-free as promised, but the damage has been done.
But the Department of Transportation and Communications wanted to review the contract, signed by the very same DOTC under the present administration. Value-added tax (VAT) refunds to companies that should never have paid them in the first place take years to recover, and interest is not paid. The Japanese government has complained that a number of Japanese firms are experiencing difficulties in getting back their VAT refunds. Printing vehicle number plates is not exactly rocket science, knowing the cost to do so has been pretty well established with some 180 countries as examples. The Philippines gets the lowest foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region, and of that small amount, $6.2 billion in 2014, a miniscule $2 billion is in new ventures, of which only a negligible $209 million was channeled into labor-intensive manufacturing. In the same global survey, the Philippines received high scores in terms of supply of electricity, getting credit and resolving insolvency.
A text message Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc sent me about a year ago captures for me both her trademark wit and the character of our working relationship. I have been mulling over that phrase, in wonder and with gratitude, since the sudden, shocking news of her death. LJM agreed with then opinion editor Jorge Aruta that I should be hired in part to write editorials for the newspaper; I have been happily doing so since 2001. At the end of my fellowship year in the United States, I brought home autographed books for a few of the near and dear. It was the longest personal message she had ever sent me, maybe about two printed paragraphs long. Remarks prepared for the program of eulogies in honor of PDI editor in chief Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc, Dec. Obviously, the old man represents the year about to end, burdened with the events just passed and ready to pass on the coming year to the infant, fresh and simply raring to greet the year about to commence.
THIS bias against age, unfortunately, does not remain solely in the realm of symbols or appearances. We Filipinos pride ourselves in our continuing concern for the older members of our families, if not society.
But in terms of policy and practicality, it seems that the law, policy and practice are biased against older people, seeing them as liabilities and, in the case of the private sector, customers of no import or source of potential profit. The lawmaker noted that some HMOs impose an age ceiling that disqualifies individuals over 60 years old. Altogether, HMOs provide for the health needs of more than four million plan holders, most of whom access healthcare through their employers or health plans for which they personally paid.
ALSO as urgent is the need for passage by the House of the bill that would increase by P2,000 the monthly pension granted by the Social Security System to its members.
I know the SSS has objected to the bill, filed originally by Bayan Muna Representatives Neri Colmenares and Carlos Isagani Zarate, arguing that it would shorten the life span of the funds accumulated by the SSS for the pension of all retired employees. Local government units have commonly been the very obstacles to generating more jobs in the Philippine countryside, as I lamented last week. Externally audited financial reports show that the PCenters had earned P12 million in combined gross sales in 2014, with net surplus averaging P500,000 annually. The municipality of Taytay in the province of Rizal also won the 2015 Galing Pook Award for its Local Garments Industry Institutionalization program. In 2010, the municipal council established the Kalayaan Park to encourage small retailers to register and sell their goods there, and attracted an initial 400 registrants. For two years now, the Roman Catholic Church has been having an internal but well-publicized conversation about Church teaching and pastoral practice for the family.
Reformists, in turn, hope cautiously that changes in pastoral practice can still be pushed through the very chinks that staunch preservationists are decrying.
Such Catholics are currently barred from receiving the Eucharist, the sacramental meal in which the Church as a family shares the Body of Christ.

Pope Francis has made it clear that he wants to enfold into the Catholic family those separated or divorced, those living together without sacramental marriage, homosexuals, and other outcasts.
The Octave of Christmas, when Catholic liturgy tells the story of the Holy Family, is a good time for Catholics to remember what Christianity is about. You observed how your body had become so frail in just a month, and then your gaze shifted to the image of me playing, looking concerned.
This letter is our way to cheer him up, our way where you can both communicate, husband and wife, in between these lines, our way of letting you know that we always wish for his happiness. The failure to include Indonesia, which has almost twice as many Muslims as the entire Middle East, is striking not only because of its size: Whereas most countries in the alliance are ruled by despots or autocrats, Indonesia is a robust democracy. Add to that the unsurprising exclusion of Shia-governed Iran and Iraq, along with Alawite-ruled Syria, and it is clear that Saudi Arabia has merely crafted another predominantly Sunni grouping to advance its sectarian and strategic objectives. Brahma Chellaney, professor of strategic studies at the New Delhi-based Center for Policy Research and fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin, is the author of nine books.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Tuesday, infrastructure holding firm Metro Pacific Investments Corp. The stake was purchased from Metrobank Foundation Inc., the controlling shareholder of MMSI for P368 million. Manila Doctors Hospital is a 300-bed tertiary hospital located in the City of Manila with annual revenues of around P2 billion. An Amazon Prime employee loads bottled water for delivery at the company’s urban fulfillment facility, Tuesday, Dec. Prime, which costs $99 a year in the United States, gives members fast shipping options as well as access to its streaming video, music and other services.
Prime is seen as a way to get more customers into the Amazon ecosystem, including its video service that competes with rivals like Netflix and is investing heavily in its own programming. Amazon said Sunday it plans to produce 16 feature films a year, throwing down the gauntlet to Netflix, according to comments by Bezos to the German daily Die Welt.
The government settled a total of P23.4 billion in combined amortization (principal) and interest in October last year. Last year, the government serviced P515 billion worth of debt, the lowest in more than a decade, on the back of record-low amortization payments. The local stock barometer slipped below the 7,000 mark in thin trade Monday as local financial markets reopened after the long Christmas break and entered the last trading week of 2015.
Among PSEi stocks, the top gainer was Metrobank, which posted an increase of 2.77 percent while Globe, GTCAP and Petron all rose by over 1 percent. With only one day to go before the end of 2015 trading, the PSEi is still 1.63 percent behind the closing level in 2014.
Sharon Salgado starts preparing for work well before most people get up in the morning and works well into the night.
Fifteen years ago, the government brought what was then a little known scheme called microfinance into the banking mainstream, with no less than the General Banking Law of 2000 mandating the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to propagate this lending method.
Microfinance was aimed at ultimately alleviating poverty by encouraging entrepreneurial activity, by giving underprivileged individuals access to the capital they needed to start their own businesses or help existing ones. Fifteen years after the introduction of microfinance, many borrowers find their financial world no different from when five-six lenders were their only options. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a plan by the Sy family-led China Bank Corp.
In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange Monday, China Bank said the SEC has approved the merger of China Bank Savings Inc. She was an institution, and with institutions, you tend to forget that they are also people, with a beginning and an end. Tita Letty was among the women, who, at times, were seemingly braver than the men in standing up to the dictatorship,” Aquino said.
Even then, he knew that the buzz of the mosquito press had turned into a thunderous roar for democracy, for truth, for justice,” Aquino said. He added that Pamplona was on her way home when she was robbed by the suspect, who had just been released from jail for a stabbing case.
Bagate, on the other hand, managed to escape with Pamplona’s belongings and the weapon he used to shoot Mojar. He asked not to be identified but denied he and other villagers who were arming themselves were members of the Pulahan, a Christian armed group. 24 and killed at least six villagers in Kauran, village leaders decided to take turns going on armed patrol to secure the village.
The boat carries the family across the Pampanga River in Barangay Bebe Anac in the town of Masantol in Pampanga province.
25 massacre of 44 policemen, who were tasked with arresting two terrorists in Mamasapano, Maguindanao province, reminded people about the risk that lawmen face each time they wear their uniforms and go on duty. Honors were also given to SAF members who hailed from provinces in the Ilocos, Cagayan Valley and Central Luzon. These were what were left of the 1,829 trees marked for cutting along the 42-km stretch of the MNR, which were spared because a tree-cutting permit expired in February 2014.
The year ends and neither side has fulfilled the PDRCI judgment, so the Camp John Hay story closes another year without a proper ending. 26 to release 36 baby turtles to their natural habitat at All Hands Beach in Subic Bay Freeport.
Recently, together with other scientists, I studied the animals in the human exclusion zone around the plant. There are few reports on the effects of the accident on wild animals, but we know that in some radiation hot spots, trees and wildlife died. Radiation does cause DNA damage, and at current levels we cannot rule out some effects on the reproduction of individual animals. The primary causes behind declining global biodiversity include habitat loss and fragmentation as a result of human activity.
But one thing is clear: We, as a species, need to think more carefully about our impact on the nonhuman animal population and begin to take better account of these effects in our economic and environmental policies. Smith is professor at the School of Earth and Environmental Science at the University of Portsmouth.
There is a sense of vulnerability pervading the newsroom that editor in chief Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc once dominated in ways now being ardently remembered, as well as a sinking realization that an absence planned as merely momentary has been made permanent and final. We in the media have the responsibility to report the news accurately (and with fairness which follows accuracy) and completely (subject to space and deadlines). This woman, after all, was a veteran of the resistance against the Marcos dictatorship that imposed a strictly-good-news policy on the media. 7, 2011, and asked the Bureau of Treasury to withhold the P4.9-billion applicable tax from the bonds.
There was no valid reason for the suspension, and Thales warned the government there would be extra cost.
A lot of valuable time was lost because of a poor decision by the government that violated the contract. One of the reasons is policy changes from one administration to the next, or even within an administration. What can be done is call back the other party to negotiate possible changes in a contract that can only be effected if both parties agree. The bulk of FDIs in 2014 (54 percent or $3.35 billion) was in intercompany borrowings of multinationals already operating in the Philippines.
However, the country fared disappointingly in protecting minor investors, paying taxes, dealing with construction permits and enforcing contracts. He must order his government to go back to, and adhere to the intent of the original contracts in each case. Like many, I was driven to look for traces of her life on mine; it was inevitable that I was led, too, to the text messages she was so assiduous in writing. In 2011, on the day the news broke that I had been granted a Nieman, we chanced upon each other in the third-floor lobby.
She believed it was our duty to set the news agenda, but there was a time and season for everything. A few days later, at a general meeting, LJM chose to sit at the end of a row of chairs where I happened to be sitting.
At the cusp of a year-change, we all believe everything bad about the year just passed will disappear with the old man, and trust that the newborn will rectify everything that went wrong. We point to other countries where seniors are routinely shunted to nursing homes or care facilities where they live apart from their families and are looked after by strangers. Many senior citizens still live with their own families, and are treated, in true Asian tradition, as sources of family lore and wisdom, looked on with respect and even reverence. 6348, called the Anti-Healthcare Age Discrimination Act, which would impose a fine of up to P300,000 on HMOs that refuse to sign up individuals who are 60 years old and above.
Others, he said, simply refuse to renew the coverage of their plan holders once they reach this threshold. At age 60, or even before then, illnesses begin to manifest and years of neglect or abuse begin to show their toll on the bodies and health of individuals. When I visited this town seven years ago with a research team I was heading, it was the poorest town on record in the entire country.
Investing members have already earned annual dividends averaging P85 for every P100 invested, even as they enjoy a 20-30-percent discount on goods purchased from the centers. Three years later, a larger space was leased to accommodate even more micro, small and medium garments manufacturers selling their products.

On the other side are preservationists who want the teaching and rules to remain unchanging for all time.
Voting patterns on the Report show more unity than is suggested by the belligerence of extreme preservationists and reformists. He also observes that the freedom of the debates, not characteristic of previous synods, is a sign of possibly irreversible change in the Church, and a catalyst for further change. The final word belongs to the Pope, who is expected to issue an apostolic exhortation on the family. The three paragraphs with the lowest majorities (#s84-86) propose fuller integration of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics into the Church. But preservationists worry that once the Church starts embracing those who do not conform to her laws, she will lose her moral compass. A child conceived out of wedlock, born in a stable, first visited by foreigners and grimy shepherds, grows into a man who tells the outcasts they are children of a loving God. That is why the newly announced Saudi-led antiterror coalition, the Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism, should be viewed with profound skepticism.
Its offspring include al-Qaida, the Taliban, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, and the Islamic State (IS), all of which blend hostility toward non-Sunnis and antimodern romanticism into nihilistic rage. The kingdom seemed to think it could make that decision on behalf of the major recipients of its aid. This aligns with the more hardline policy approach that has taken root since King Salman ascended the throne last January.
Saudi warplanes have bombed homes, markets, hospitals, and refugee camps in Yemen, leading critics to accuse the kingdom of deliberately terrorizing civilians to turn public opinion against the Houthis. For example, the kingdom and its Arab partners have quietly slipped out of the US-led air war in Syria, leaving the campaign largely in American hands.
Unless the expansion of dangerous ideologies like Wahhabism is stopped, the global war on terror, now almost a generation old, will never be won. But the research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) estimated it had some 47 million subscribers in the US at the end of September, and that these customers spent more at Amazon than non-subscribers.
The feature films will hit the big screen and be quickly available on Amazon’s online service.
The outstanding government debt as a percentage of the gross domestic product or GDP is expected to decline further to 41.8 percent next year. It was meant to provide aspiring entrepreneurs from the lower socioeconomic strata with collateral-free loans, because most of them could not cough up the collateral like real estate and other acceptable assets required by banks for loans.
The group was only waiting for the SEC approval of the merger to complete the capital build-up. Mayoralgo de la Cruz, head of the Western Mindanao Command, after meeting local military commanders in Maguindanao province.
While the tragedy created heroes out of ordinary soldiers, it also exposed how politics could ruin the most well-intentioned plans. Around 6,000 families at the left bank of the Pampanga River in Masantol and Macabebe towns spent Christmas in flooded homes or atop a dike there. Indeed, as early as a few years after the accident, data collected by Belarusan scientists flying helicopter surveys over the abandoned area showed rising numbers of wild boar, elk and roe deer. Nor do the population data show any link between radiation levels and mammal densities; the number of mammals in the most contaminated parts of the zone is similar to that in the least contaminated parts.
Indeed, in areas outside the zone or nature reserves, populations of elk and wild boar underwent steep declines, as major socioeconomic changes after the fall of the Soviet Union worsened rural poverty and crippled wildlife management. She was present even before its creation, when its predecessor, the Philippine Weekly Inquirer, rose to the terrible occasion that was the assassination of Benigno Aquino Jr. You did not find in your newspapers the answers to your questions which had to do mainly with what was happening to the country and what was happening to our lives. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) even added its voice to the claims as it had funded the project. I walked with her from the top of the stairs to the newsroom door, chatting and, just as she was about to pass through the door, she said something to me that I will never forget, something personal about herself and her well-wishes for me. Beaming, I passed the phone back, and it went from hand to hand to hand, until LJM reclaimed it. In our country, we proudly proclaim, we care for our own, with multiple generations sharing the same home.
This, even as public opinion surveys have found that older people would prefer, if possible, to live by themselves, lead independent lives even if they hanker for the company of their children and grandchildren.
And just when they face serious health problems and their need is greatest, health providers abscond from their duties and wash their hands off any responsibility.
But when they seek to join an HMO on their own, they find that they either have to pay extremely exorbitant fees or are rejected outright. Part of the annual surplus generated by the PCenters goes to community development initiatives such as child feeding programs.
Noting that only a handful of the small garments businesses were registered, the municipal government moved to help formalize the industry and thereby improve the local economy. Now known as the Taytay Municipal Tiangge, the venue drew 1,526 registered vendors at its opening.
It has shown the way in participatory planning and budgeting, and in creative approaches to human resource development, health services delivery, community dispute resolution, maintenance of infrastructure facilities, and professionalized barangay administration. In that way, LGUs need not be hurdles to inclusive development, but be the spearheads toward achieving it.
There is a wide range of variations on those positions, but most Catholics come down more or less on one side or the other. They are alarmed at the chinks the Report has punched into the walls of doctrine and established pastoral practice, through which they fear reformists might yet make a fatal breach. Looking pale, you were in front of the mirror and I was behind you, holding a Happy Meal toy you bought me when you were still healthy. Listed as members of the alliance are also all of the jihadist citadels other than Afghanistan, including war-torn Libya and Yemen, both of which are not currently governed by a single authority.
But when democracy takes root, as in tolerant and secular Indonesia, the clash between moderates and extremists can be better managed.
The top two items for Amazon Prime customers in New York City are bottled water and paper towels. Special Edition from 1983 to 1986 and editor-in-chief of the Sunday Inquirer Magazine from 1986 to 1987. Judge Roline Ginez-Jabalde of the Regional Trial Court Branch 74 initially ordered the American soldier detained at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), until a state agency overseeing the Visiting Forces Agreement stepped in. By 1993, the number of wild boar had increased sixfold, before halving due to a disease outbreak and predation from the rapidly growing wolf population. Seniors have no recourse but to depend on their meager pensions and their PhilHealth coverage.
It calls on the poorest residents to pool together their resources, with the LGU providing the initial capital to set up the PCenters. Indeed, through this social entrepreneurship program initiated and fostered by the LGU, Siayan is now well on its way to eradicating poverty, in what had been the poorest municipality in the country not too long ago. It employed two strategies to this end: institutionalize the local garments market by making Taytay business-friendly, and enjoin civil society organizations to participate in the initiative. To entice informal enterprises to integrate into the mainstream formal economy, the LGU streamlined its business licensing process and implemented incentives such as exemptions from the business tax and minimum wage requirements. That George Cardinal Pell, a leader of the preservationists, pronounced himself pleased with the Report, and that many reformists were not, seem to validate this verdict. Intransigent preservationists, among whom Pope Francis is not beloved, worry that he may go well beyond the recommendations of a synodal report they already see as dangerously lenient.
Long enough for you to see your grandchildren, to nurse them the way you nursed us, and to take them to school every day.
I gave the details, and then aired the hope that, despite the late notice, she could still grace the forums. The pork barrel scam stories, for instance, ran for eight consecutive days; LJM chose the day to start it, and with which story. Or else, they must rely on the kindness of their children and other family members who may themselves be struggling with economic difficulties. These stores sell commodities at much cheaper prices, while buying agricultural produce from farmers at prices higher than those normally paid by farm traders. The municipal government also worked in partnership with local business organizations such as the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Taytay Sash Contractors Cooperative, Baclaran Garments Producers Inc., and Freedom Bazaar sellers. The support package also includes according priority status in securing loans from government banks to registered small firms, and free training assistance and market linkage support, provided in partnership with various government agencies. Maybe it will help bring some sunshine, some hope, that things will be better than they are now for him.
Profits are reinvested, while part is paid out as dividends to the individual members who invested in the enterprise.
Through the program, the town saw its business registrants multiply tenfold from 400 in 2011 to 4,000 by 2015, and revenues from business permits ballooned from P1,455 in 2011 to P409,440 in 2015. I started to explain why, about the role the physical newsstand plays as a stand-in for the public square, and its personal hold on me, but she had already moved ahead.

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