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He is not your average Value Investor but he pursues the fundamentals of a company with gusto. One of Ackman’s much publicized and profitable corporate battles was with MBIA which began 2002, over their AAA rating. Perhaps his biggest success was his investment in General Growth Properties which he bought at $1 and yielded a 1500% return after it emerged from Bankruptcy. His investment style does make headlines; Bill Ackman can also be called a “newsworthy” investor.
Bill Ackman will be one of the featured speakers at the Value Investing Congress on October 17-18th in New York. Disclaimer: I will be attending the Value Investing Congress in October since I am a media sponsor.
I have not yet investigated any of the stocks on this list, but I intend to begin to evaluate at least one of the stocks a month beginning in the next couple of weeks, so please return. Several of these stocks trade with almost no volume or have very very limited financial information.
Stock Screeners are software that sort through a number of facts about companies using specific criteria.
Bing took over for MSN and their screener has several preset Value Investing screeners, including Value, Contrarian, Dogs of the Dow etc. Graham Investor screener is another free set of value investing screeners that are definitely flawed. American Association of Individual Investors stock screens – Not all the aaii screens are value investing screeners, but many are.
This premium value investing screener has several interesting screens including Piotroski F score screen, The Graham Investor has one as well but it is implemented incorrectly (doesn’t screen for low price to book first before looking at F score), Value Investing Europe does screen correctly, their screens are not limited to Europe, they also include the United Kingdom,  US and Japan as well.
This ultra expensive but terrific stock evaluation software is so expensive that it is not appropriate to small time value investors, and the only beginners that it would be appropriate for are investors with large portfolios. No matter what your budget and your needs their is some value investing screener out there that will fit. In Value Investing we do not use only one set of criteria, clap our hands and say Eureka, I have it!
Simply put, Free cash flow is a measure of a company’s ability to generate cash, which is a starting point for stock pricing. Peter George Psaras wrote a study called “Back-test showing the power of Price to Free Cash Flow in the Investment Process” where he back tested buying Low Price to Free Cash Flow stocks from the Dow Jones Industrial Average for 1950 to 2007. I am not recommending any of these companies, but it does give you some idea why some high profile value investors are interested in Microsoft, Pfizer and Cisco to name a few. In their study, “Contrarian Investment, Extrapolation and Risk, Josef Lakonishok, Robert W.
Finding such companies is usually easier in a bear market ( like now) or when a company misses earnings, makes a mistake which leads to bad press, all of which can temporarily depresses its stock price. Please come back each week as we write about various Value Investing Criteria to help you build your Value Investing arsenal. Take another look at your watchlist and you may see investing opportunities that did not exist a few weeks ago. Although this site is largely geared toward individual stocks, it seems to me, to better serve the beginning investors I need to address the more passive investment strategies that may be attractive to individual investors without much time on their hands to investigate individual companies but want to understand their investments. An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is similar to a mutual fund, but has similarities to purchasing stocks. A normal mutual fund is a pooled investment where the money from thousands of investors are joined together and invested in whatever the focus of a mutual fund is, such as equities, bonds or commodities. ETFs do not sell individual shares to investors like Mutual Funds., large blocks of shares known as creation units are issued. In keeping with the changes in Chroma Investing, I have added a page in the menu bar for Value Investing Conferences that you can go to be selecting conferences in the top menu.
Today is the two year anniversary of my homage to value investing: the ChromaInvesting website. I will be expanding this website with more detailed value investing how to articles and perhaps short videos. I like to keep a list of stocks that have passed my value investing stock screening criteria.
Another example of a stock screen I will keep in my investing Notebook is a screen of Magic Formula Stocks.

Some companies will make it through your screening process and you will commitment a certain amount of time compiling your investment thesis and accompanying financials on this company. Mutual Funds are investment vehicles that are designed for people who do not want to spend a lot of time researching individual stocks, bonds or other assets, but still want part of their portfolio investment in these markets.
Mutual funds are like stock investments in that  they are not guaranteed to hold their value by any governmental agency like the FDIC does for bank accounts. By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. Of all the names silver haired William “Bill” Ackman has been called, an “activist” investor is probably the kindest.
Even though Eliot Spitzer investigated Ackman he was eventually vindicated when the 2008 subprime crises hit, and Pershing Square Capital made billions by shorting MBIA.
Most recently he has invested in the mid level JC Penny retail chain with a 16.5% stake in the company, which may be rising to 26% now that he has a seat on the board. One of them is going to be a weekly list of companies that pass a few of my custom value investing stock screeners. We have several metrics that we can use in our Value Investing toolkit, sometimes in conjunction with each other to evaluate a company and discover if it is a bargain. You can buy stocks in companies that are low in Price to FCF as compared to the market as a whole.
You can buy the stock of a company who Price to Free Cash flow is low relative to its industry.
His criteria was simple: buy every stock that had a Price to FCF ratio less than 15 and sell it after a year. So I created a stock screen with Stock Investor Pro using data from last Friday August 5th.
I am making no recommendations on stock purchases or sales, just expressing my opinion on what I am exploring right now.
The SEC says that ETF’s are “investment companies that are legally classified as open-end companies or Unit investment Trusts (UITs).” An open-ended investment company is one of the three primary groups of companies as described by the SEC.
That is you don’t pay on the capital gains with the ETF only when you sell your investment. Because of the inherent benefits of Exchange Traded Fund, they are widely used as a preferred mode of trading across the globe with more than a few hundred Billion dollars having been invested in various funds across hundreds of indices. The creation units are not purchased by the investors in cash, rather they are purchased in the form of a portfolio of shares which would represent the portfolio of the ETF. However Exchange Traded Fund gets their prices determined by the push and pull of the market since they follow a fixed basket of stocks. I will add to the Value Investing Conferences that I find and update the information as it becomes available. I am also considering launching a short podcast, since I am a huge fan of podcast’s as a value proposition.
I would like your help to turn ChromaInvesting into a full featured value investing resource. You don’t need to kill trees and put it in an old fashion three binder like I do, but you do need to keep track of several aspects of your investing endeavor.
With 41 million square feet of company owned retail space, Ackman will probably attempt to “unlock” some of the value of this real estate. If you would like more information about this or other Value Investing Conferences you can go to my Conference page. I may change my mind at any time and subsequently purchase an equity mentioned if I find it fits my investing strategy. Each week I will highlight a different custom Value Investing screen I use when deciding to do further research on a company.
Other value investing screeners have a multitude of inputs and customizable screening inputs and calculations that enable you to create completely custom screens.
It is very customizable and I have more than a dozen custom screens I have developed using this Stock Investor Pro. These are largely value investing screeners including NCAV screener, low price to book, low price to sales, and Undervalued Companies, they do offer one free screen called 52 week lows. Like most of these value investing metrics you can reverse these and you will get the Free Cash Flow yield which is expressed as a percentage. As Damodaran said in his book Investment Fables, “Accountants measure earnings by subtracting accounting expenses from revenues.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, please sign up for email list (I promise I won’t spam you.) or like ChromaInvesting on Facebook. I am not a professional investment advisor but a Film and television producer, thus everything here is for entertainment purposes only.
Unlike a close-end investment company, an open-end investment company can offer to buy back its shares from the investors.
An exchange traded fund tracks a stock index, a commodity or pool of stocks, but is also traded on a stock exchange like a stock; the price variations occurring as people buy and sell the fund over the day. ETF’s portfolio would not change over the course of their lifetime and that means that investors are aware what they are investing into. Investors after purchasing the creation units can either sell the shares in the secondary market or sell them back to the Exchange traded fund.
As individual value investors our time is a precious commodity, we can’t afford to repeat work that has already  been completed.
Your money is pooled with that of other sheep, er, investors, then stocks, bonds, or whatever is the focus of the mutual fund are purchased. Warren Buffett has famously said that for an investor who does not have the time understand equities investments a good index fund is a good place to invest your money.
I am merely expressing my opinion and sharing what interests me in the value investing arena. I use their premium services for their newsletters more than their screeners, but if you subscribe to the newsletters you have the stock screeners for free. Our government continues to be ruled by an unruly mob, who are more interested in their own self aggrandizement than making the hard choices necessary for long term prosperity. Another reason ETF’s should be popular amongst the value investing crowd is that unlike mutual funds Exchange Traded Funds can trade at the same price as a stock Trade.
If an ETF says that it is investing in energy stocks, then it is investing in energy stocks. In the upcoming weeks Chroma Investing will transform  into, what I hope, is a Value Investing Resource.
Chroma Investing will be looking for guest contributors and adding interviews of investors. If you return to that company later, you can refer to your notes and return to the reasons that you did not invest and see if circumstances have changed. Being able to refer to your investment thesis is important when your company’s stock price is being hit hard, or conversely rising.
For example, in last weeks Value Investing Criteria that works Low Price to Free Cash Flow I wrote about a back tested theory that used Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies that have a Price to Free Cash Flow of less than 15. Please see the Chroma Investing Value Investing Terms FCF for a fuller explanation than I give here. What they discovered is that the lowest Price to Cash Flow stocks outperformed the highest  Price to cash flow stocks on average during a holding period of 5 years. Value Investing Conferences like anything else range from the pricey versions geared for Advanced Investors to the relatively inexpensive priced for the small time investor. Even when a mutual fund out performs the general market, most individual investors still do worse than the market as a whole. If you set up a custom value investing screener for those criteria, the only companies that would pass the criteria  are displayed. The screens are all pre-set and you can’t customize unless you buy the premium software they also sell Stock Investor Pro. Low Price to FCF investments are a contrarian investment by definition, and mostly people want to say they own Apple or Netflix, not Aeropostal or Microsoft. If the stock rises suddenly, is that part of your investment notion, has it hit your fair value. You will need to do additional research and most importantly double check that the screen worked correctly and that the companies that passed are up to your investing standards. It is the amount that you can turnover to investors in dividends, buy back stock, pay down debt or just let sit on your balance sheet. There is no advantage to paying the commission in terms of investment returns, since mutual funds with loads don’t outperform no load funds as a group over time.

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