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There are a lot of words, phrases, and abbreviations that people involved in sports betting use every day.
To simplify things for the amateur I have started to gather terms that are regularly used in the sports betting community.
Asian handicap: Asian handicap (AH) betting is a form of sports betting where handicap rules reduce the possible number of outcomes to two. Draw-no-bet (DnB): A draw-no-bet (DnB) pick in sports betting (and particular football) is a two-way choice where the wager is returned if the game ends with a draw. In the essential info part, the infographic explains the basic terms - point spread and the vig.

The final section of the infographic is the glossary of terms applicable exclusively to betting lingo.
For most terms links are given to longer texts where the concepts are explained more thoroughly, but always with less than 500 words.
It explains terms such as Bankroll – which is the money available for the game.  Terms for betting on teams include Favorite, Dog and Pick ‘em. Use the links in the list below to get directed to the thorough, but not too long, explanations of betting terms. A void bet should not be confused with a push in Asian handicap bets even if both terms result in the same thing, the return of the wager.

The graphic is an attempt to provide basic knowledge on the terminology, tools and numbers of the game.

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