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Overtime periods, quarters or extra innings are counted in the final score when wagering on totals, money line and spread betting unless specified and with the exception of soccer lines including a quote for a draw.
Other sports: All other contests that involve a scheduled length of play time or time limit must play to their conclusion or have five minutes or less of scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for betting purposes. Example: If there is a 3 way tie for the Top Scorer in a Football game then your winnings are calculated by taking your stake, dividing it by 3, and multiplying that amount by the odds on your betting ticket. Wagers placed after an outcome has occurred, and wagers placed on an obvious mistake, will be voided.
If a team scores and the game is cancelled or postponed afterward, all wagers stand regardless of how many minutes have been played.
A kicker who does not participate, due to shutout, but is suited up and available is considered to have played. If the combined total score falls on 38 pts., the wager is a "PUSH" and there is "NO ACTION".
Bets are considered official after 43 minutes of play (NBA) or 35 minutes of play (NCAA), and international GamesIf the official time of play is not conducted, a bet on the team is treated as no action, and a parlay bet will be reduced accordingly.
Winners and Losers are official after 5 innings of play unless the home team is leading after 4? innings. Betting on baseball is done by risking more money than the win amount on favorites (Mets) or risking less to win more on dogs or underdogs (teams not favored to win).
First team to score in the game, If there is a result and the game is cancelled or postponed all wagers stand regardless of how many innings played.
If a run gets scored in the first inning and the game is cancelled or postponed all wagers stand. Bets on NHL overtime line are for the complete overtime, regardless of how many overtime periods are played and will include a shoot-out if required to determine the winner. We offer 3 different types of lines for Hockey; The Canadian Line, 3 Way Option), and Straight Money Lines. If betting on the Kings the customer would give-up a goal and a half and would risk $100 to win $120, the Kings must win by at least two goals.
Straight money line betting as well as proposition bets on whether the fight, will go to a certain amount of rounds as predetermined on the day of the fight. In round by round betting: if a boxer fails to answer the bell, the fight will be deemed to have ended in the previous round. If the scheduled number of rounds is changed all "Pick the round" bets are void and bets refunded.
If you bet on a fighter to win a decision that bet is a winner whether the decision is announced a the end of the scheduled distance of a fight or if a fight is ended prematurely and goes to the scorecards. Bets on Formula One (F1), Motor and Auto races are decided on the podium position of the day of the prize giving for the particular event, any changes in position after this time is not considered for settling purposes. In head to head matchups and group betting, all players must play for action otherwise all bets will be refunded.

Season futures group betting is all in, meaning all wagers will stand regardless of players not playing a game. In the event of a tie where 3 or more competitors are offered in one betting option, the payout will be divided by the number of players tied. For batting or bowling head-to-heads, both batsmen must reach the crease, or both bowlers must bowl one ball for bets to stand, otherwise all bets are void and wagers refunded. In one-day matches shortened by weather the outcome will be that determined by the Competition Rules. All head to head and group betting options require all competitors to leave the start line for action. Bets will be decided on the official result declared by that particular sports governing body. A customer wants a $100 Action Reverse with the New England Patriots -9, and the Denver Broncos +6… the play would look like this. Football and Basketball betting you are given the option to bet a point spread or a moneyline bet. Round Robin is a wager in which three to ten teams or totals are combined into a single play and all possible combinations of Parlays chosen by the customer. The rules at BetCheetah conform very closely to those found at Las Vegas Sportsbook, and are used to protect both our company and you, the bettor.
All customer betting accounts at BetCheetah are private and confidential, and all calls are recorded on tape and held for disputes for a period of seven days. BetCheetah reserves the right to refuse a wager at any time, from any client without cause, and can refuse wagers from clients who reside in states or provinces that prohibit sports wagering.
All rules, regulations, and payoffs listed in this publication are subject to change without prior written notice. Each client is required to identify himself by his betting account number and password on each call and each login to wagerroom.
All players are to confirm their bets with the operator at the end of the call using their account number and password.
All minimums, maximums, and betting payout prices are subject to change without prior written notice.
All wagering disputes shall be resolved by the read-back from the recorded call and shall be ruled final.
With regard to suspended games, protest games, or overturned decisions, BetCheetah follows Las Vegas gaming rules for wagering purposes. BetCheetah is not responsible for clients who disclose their password and account number to other parties. In the case of an obvious error on the posted line, scheduled time, or maximum wager, any wagers will be deemed a "no action" wager, and all money will be credited accordingly. The Dead Heat Rule only applies to Future Wagers that didn't have a tie listed as a betting option.

If 55 minutes of play is not conducted, a bet on the team is treated as no action, and a parlay bet will be reduced accordingly. If the first inning is complete and no run was scored and the game is cancelled or postponed all wagers stand. Betting must be fully completed without player's withdrawal, incapacity or disqualification for bets to stand. If betting on the Bruins the customer would get a goal and half but would risk $140 to win $100. MLB pitching changes do not affect fantasy sports betting, unless the changed pitchers are affected in match ups or groups. Post game disputes by either player that alter the final outcome of the match etc will not be valid for betting purposes. Match betting- The player progressing to the next round will be deemed the winner, as long as players started the match up. Houston must win by at least 5 points, and for every point over the point spread of 5 that they win by, you win $100.
Otherwise BetCheetah does not recognize suspended games, protests and overturned decisions for wagering purposes. When you verify and accept your betting account balance, you agree that all previous transactions are correct and you do not have any claims. In all cases of dispute, both management and the player agree that the log backup shall serve as the final authority in the dispute and that all wagers will be adjusted accordingly. Bets on 1st, 2nd halves and all quarters will be considered action upon completion of the period in question. If the home team scores to tie - or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning and the inning is not completed, the e team scores to tie - or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning and the inning is not completed, the score at the time the game is called determines the winner. If there is no money line indicated the total has a "FLAT" line or -110 whether betting over or under, in which case the customer would lay $110 to win $100 either way. Your action point wager is capped from 1 point to a maximum of 10 points, and the wager you risk cannot exceed your available balance. Bets on spread, money line, totals for the whole game and all bets on second halves always include overtime scoring.
If a match is rescheduled due to scheduling and weather problems bad light etc, then all wagers will have action and all wagers will stand. If the postponement lasts more than 48 hours, all wagers will be canceled and the money refunded back in the accounts.

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