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When gambling on sporting events, odds determine the winning payout amount in relation to the amount that was bet. Sports odds work by offering gamblers the chance to profit if they can correctly guess the outcome of a sports event or predict something that happens in sports. One common way for bookmakers in the United States to display sports odds is to show either a plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) followed by a number. Gamblers should be aware that when American odds are used, the total payout for a winning bet is $100 USD more than the number displayed. For a sports event in which a score is kept, gamblers can bet on who will win as well as the margin of victory. Another common way to bet on sports event in which a score is kept is the over-under bet, also called betting on the total.
When spoken, these odds are read like ratios, such as "eight to five," "three to one" or "ten to one." The first number is the amount of money that can be won on a bet in the amount of the second number. Betting on who will win is referred to as a straight-up bet or betting on the moneyline, and betting on the margin of victory is referred to as a point-spread bet.

In this type of bet, the gambler is betting on the total points scored in the game, regardless of how many points each team scores or which team wins. A person unaware about sports betting can know about the odds with the help of this article. The three main ways that sports odds are displayed are known as American odds, fractional odds and decimal odds.
Sports odds typically are set so that the bookmaker can expect equal betting on each side of the bet, which would ensure that the bookmaker would not lose money, no matter what happens in the sports event. For example, the odds for betting on a favorite might be displayed as -120, which means that a gambler must bet $120 USD to win $100 USD.
In these three examples, a winning bet of $200 USD would result in a total payout of $300 USD, $500 USD or $850 USD, which are simply the amount multiplied by the decimal shown in the odds. These three types of odds look different but represent the same thing: the payout for a winning bet in relation to the amount of money that was bet. If the bookmaker collected juice on each bet, the bookmaker would be guaranteed to profit if the betting on each side was equal.

The odds for betting on an underdog might be displayed as +115, which means that for a winning bet of $100 USD, the gambler would make $115 USD. Like American odds, the payout number does not include the amount of the original bet, which also is returned to the gambler. Decimal odds must be higher than 1.00, or even a winning bet would result in the gambler losing money. Bookmakers typically set the point spread based on both the expected result of the game and what odds will bring in equal betting on both sides.
In a sports event that has one favorite and one underdog, such as a football game, the number listed in the odds for the favorite is higher than the number in the underdog's odds, which increases the bookmaker's chances of making a profit. This method of displaying sports odds is popular in Canada, continental Europe and Australia.

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