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Michelle Lasso, who pled guilty in October to money laundering charges in connection with the Legends Sports online sports betting operation, has been ordered deported to her native Panama. Tuesday saw a similar guilty plea entered by Leonard Stango, a 66-year-old Philadelphia resident who admitted to hiding over $5m in illegal sports betting transactions from financial watchdogs. While the above efforts to provide sports betting options to American punters haven’t proved profitable for the defendants, the law firm representing New Jersey’s legal sports betting quest has been cashing winner after winner. The Tory leader of Canada's Senate to press for vote on private member's bills like C-290 sports bet legislation before summer recess.
The US and Swiss governments split $49m in assets seized from BetOnSports founder Gary Kaplan following betting site's 2006 shutdown. There is sufficient evidence to suggest widespread corruption associated with betting on sport. Lasso was among the 34 individuals charged with illegal gambling activities last April, which ultimately led to the demise of the longstanding Legends Sports operation after Panamanian authorities revoked Legends’ license.

When police served their no-knock search warrant on Friday, the 50-year-old Chapman was found to be in possession of numerous records of sports bets, as well as over $41k in cash and money orders. According to documents recently obtained by the Star-Ledger, New Jersey paid $3.1m last year to the law firm of Gibson Dunn Crutcher, whose legal eagle ranks include Theodore Olson, the former US Solicitor General leading the state’s fight to offer Nevada-style single-game sports betting at Atlantic City casinos. The first is the extent to which betting is coming to dominate Australian sport and the second is the extent to which drug taking has become endemic. Phillip Gurian, the acknowledged head of the Legends operation, pled guilty to conspiracy to money laundering in October and will be sentenced by the same judge on April 15. Chapman is facing charges of promoting gambling, possessing gambling records and money laundering.
In its more minor form, it takes the form of betting on single events in a game over which an individual player has complete control, namely bowling a no ball on the fourth ball of the second over. However, even endeavouring to see such activity in the best possible light ignores the fact that the taking of illicit drugs is often associated with contact with criminal elements in the sport.

Stango is looking at a maximum sentence of 22 years, a $900k fine and forfeiture of his illegal betting proceeds when he’s sentenced on July 1. In both cases, people in the know have an opportunity to make money at the expense of those who do not.
Is important to remember that the amount of money available to those who do know is equal to the amount of money available from those people who do not know. Thus the supply of drugs in many cases is closely linked to illegal money-laundering activities.

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