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Money lines are most likely one of the most imposing elements for new comers to sports betting.
Sports Betting lines are commonly used on sports where the point spread becomes neither here nor there. On this type of bet, the money line odd is traced based on the likelihood of the favorite to win against the underdog. The use of the money line is widely used on sports events, even on football and basketball, which are greatly known for the use of point spread.
One way to understand how sport betting line works is by showcasing some hypothetical cases on how this type of bet would work in real life.

PPH services have been using (quite some time ago, to be honest) a system that allows bookies to move their own lines, creating great odds and a favorable gaming environment for players and bookies alike.
For instance, on sports like boxing, tennis, auto racing, soccer and hockey the margins of victory are so small it becomes almost impossible to create a point spread for every match. The fact that bettors have a better choice in deciding whether not make the bet or not is one of the contributing factors of the recent re-born of the use of sports betting lines. Some of them have even come as far as to make betting lines as popular or even more popular than the traditional point line bets. The main difference between these elements is that while the point spread is concerned only with both the winners and their score, the money line focuses entirely on who the winner is.

With that scenario, the bettor would require a $220 risk to win $100 by betting on the Lakers.

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