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2) The returns for genuine proffesional sports gamblers are high enough that they don't need to run a hedge fund to get rich. These two points basically mean anyone offering you an investment in a sports betting hedge fund is a scammer. Gawker and Comcast being hacked are yet more reminders of the importance of having strong passwords and updating them regularly, especially in the hedge fund and investment management industry. For more information, download our handy Hedge Fund Guide on Business Continuity Planning below.
These examples demonstrate that the risks facing large organizations and smaller firms (read: hedge funds) are just as real.
Eze Castle Integration and eSentire are working together to give hedge funds using the Eze Private Cloud or on-premise IT complete protection from security risks that could jeopardize operations and threaten proprietary information. HFMWeek catches up with Eze Castle Integration’s executive director, Dean Hill, to discuss the importance of selecting the right business service providers and the key technology factors new funds must consider when starting out in the EU. DH: Overall compliance and regulatory stipulations driven down from the SEC and ultimately picked up by the FCA are driving significant changes in the way that new, and indeed existing, hedge funds operate. HFM: There are a number of factors that play an important role in the success of a hedge fund. DH: Selecting the right service providers is probably the most important decision a new or established hedge fund will make.
In today’s cloud-powered environment, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have become a powerful option for hedge funds and investment firms to employ.

Come back Thursday for our next article or subscribe to Hedge IT and have it delivered to your inbox. That's one awesome bet Hendry made, especially since the average hedge fund is down 4.37% YTD, the report said. Hendry's credit fund is able to go short China via Japanese credit default swaps by betting that Chinese demand to Japanese corporate credits will slow. Hedge fund Odey Asset Management (Odey AM), the largest shareholder in Playtech takeover target Plus500 is set to oppose the ?460 million takeover bid put forward by the igaming technology provider last week. The hedge fund who are led by Crispin Odey currently owns 25% of Plus500 shares, the firm is reported to have gone against Plus500’s management decision, who had backed Playtech’s 400p per share offer.
They should hit the limits of the markets in a few years and therefore not need leverage in the form of running a hedge-fund. But the risk a hedge fund undertakes when outsourcing a function of its business to a third party is enormous. At Eze Castle Integration we regularly work with hedge funds and investment firms to create mobile security policies that make end-users happy by giving them device-freedom while keeping corporate data safe and secure.
So here’s a list of the top 4 IT resolutions that will help keep your hedge fund safe and sound in 2016. In past Hedge IT articles, we’ve shared our recipes for creating security incident policies, BYOD policies and social media policies.
With regulators and investors demanding more transparency than ever, it's critical for hedge funds to spend time making their own employees aware of cybersecurity threats and how to mitigate risk.

To that end, we regularly team with eSentire to speak with hedge fund CTOs about the security landscape and their managed security technology. I think going into 2016 we will see an increase in terms of the amount of new hedge fund launches across the UK and European markets.
All too often we advise funds not to cut corners in their technology operations, as this has a direct impact on the long-term success and reputability of their business.
Note that your costs will depend not only on the functions you need, but also how many users your fund will have.
Funds are trying to attract institutional investment from other regions, and investors are looking to work with individuals with a solid pedigree and companies that have a solid background in providing proven solutions.
Ultimately a fund is putting its trust in an outsourced provider to deliver a service that ensures the business is up and running at optimum performance levels for the longest time possible. A fund with fewer than 40 users might pay anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000 for basic telecommunications services.
That's why we created this video, which outlines not only the security protections but also the extensive services available to investment firms and hedge funds that move to our premier cloud solution. What we are seeing across the market, in terms of hedge fund launches, is the selection of the right partners and providers across all aspects of the business is absolutely critical.

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