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If you're an experienced runner, this 8-week, 10k training program is designed to improve your times by incorporating more advanced forms of conditioning. The program makes use of intense tempo and interval training and some strength training should also be incorporated into the plan. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays of this 10k training plan incorporate steady-state runs of varying distances. Unlike the generic strength training routines found in fitness magazines, sport-specific strength conditioning involves a few more design variables and takes a little more planning.
Evaluating The SportUltimately, a resistance training program should mirror the movement patterns of the sport as closely as is feasible. Core exercises (those that incorporate one or more large muscle groups) should form the basis of a maximal strength or hypertrophy resistance training program.

A resistance training program should aim to develop balance throughout the body even if the sport has an upper or lower body emphasis. Alternatively, it may be more suitable to use the split routine design - training different muscle groups on different days. Of course frequency design cannot be complete without taking other elements of training (such as speed and endurance sessions) into account. Volume can be classed as the total amount of weight lifted in a resistance training session. As with load, volume is dependant on the athlete's previous training history and the primary strength objective. Rest PeriodsMaximal strength training places the greatest demands on the neuromuscular system and requires the longest rest interval between sets and should last between 2-6 minutes.

Resistance training for power demands high quality of movement and the resulting fatigue from too short a rest interval compromises lifting technique. From phase to phase over the course of a season, resistance training usually progresses from general strength to sport-specific power and strength endurance.

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