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It’s a though period right now for all us soccer fans but we still have some very good soccer predictions for today. Our soccer prediction for Kosice vs Leeds favors the English side, because they are simply better.
The online bookies are favoring Bayer to win this encounter, but according to our soccer prediction for today, that won’t happen easily if it even happens.

Now that the World Cup is over and domestic leagues won’t start until next month, most clubs in Europe are getting involved in friendly fixtures but still a lot of money can be made through accurate soccer predictions. Kosice is the opposotion they will face today and they are one of the best teams in Slovakian football. Yes, Leverkusen are the better side that will fight for the top of the Bundesliga this season, while St Pauli come from the lower division of German football.

That’s certainly a big factor when it comes to making accurate football predictions for today.

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