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Today and tomorrow we will enjoy watching and betting on the most exciting and quality football Compton in Europe and the world the UEFA Champions League – Round 2. We all know that Chelsea is the big favorite in this duel, 3 points for Chelsea is what everyone is expecting. It is a difficult season for Manchester united, they are winning – yes, but they have difficult time scoring and moving the ball around the field.
When Russian teams play at home it is always hard for the enemy teams Рeven favorites like Milan to take points. This teams have a long history in the Champions League, but so far they have met only 4 times in all 4 duels Real Madrid was victorious.  Both away wins for Real were convincing, expect to see a lot of goals in this match also.
The chase for the next superhorse is on, and if the Tampa Bay derby 2013 predictions & racing odds are any indication, Verrazano could potentially be that horse.
According to horse racing betting odds, Verrazano (-250) is listed as the clear favorite among a field of nine (announced) horses. If you’re looking for the inside edge, subscribe to our free sports picks newsletter and get the insight you need to make an informed decision from the top horse racing handicapping experts before every sports wager! At the moment Barcelona is playing in good form going forward and punishing any team whether they are at their best or not.

The Tampa Bay Derby 2013 is scheduled to take place tomorrow night at Noon and it’ll be broadcast live on TVG.
Read our betting preview and predictions, if you have any betting informations to share please feel free to share those in the comments bellow.
They come to Torino with 3 points from their first match against Nordsjaelland, we assure you they will try everything to get some points in this duel but knowing the current form of Juventus, they will need to do the impossible. This year Celtic is not in their recognizable form, they play weak and with many turnovers. We believe that both teams will score but any other outcome then a win for Barcelona at the end will be a big surprise. Both teams have completely different play styles, judging by their equal form, any outcome is possible in this duel.
This duel they are facing Dinamo Zagreb a weaker opponent, playing at home they will seek their chance for a win. Arsenal is a great team and this win will be a healing for their defeat at home turf from Chelsea.
Schalke 04 plays excellent lately, they forgot about the lost in the home championship from Bayern Munchen, this will not affect they play at all.I Schalke in their last few matches at home managed to score 3 goals per match.

He’s currently listed as the second betting odds favorite behind Verrazano with +300 racing odds. Roberto Di Matteo will bring the whole squad to Kopenhagen, searching for a easy win, we expect to see 2-3 goals scored in this match.
Spartak Moscow on the other hand are changing their match and lifting their form from match to match, lately they had some nice results, making them favorites in this duel. Difficult duel for betting, we are expecting a small number of goals scored, so maybe a goals bet under 2.5 is most reasonable. Win for the home team is to be expected and most probably it will happen, knowing the fact that Dynamo Kiev losing at home is a rare thing. Betting on goals  GG (both teams to score) as we believe that both teams will score and receive is one possibly on how to bet this duel. If you like to take a higher risk try betting 2 Рwin for PSG, if you want to keep the risk at minimal you can try GG (both teams to score) or try wager on 3 or more total goals scored.

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