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Offer your weekends and evenings to these families, for everything from light housework like vacuuming and dusting to heavy-duty chores like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Robert and I have been deliberately talking with and searching to learn from couples in leadership (plus reading and researching) for more than two years.
Work with these five and you’ll be on your way to building a strong marriage and a successful business. As with any partnership, these business ideas work best when each person takes on roles that best fit his or her skills and strengths.

Let the resident gourmand take care of most of the food prep, while the other serves as customer service rep and sous chef.E-COMMERCE RETAILERCrafty couples who share a passion for DIY projects can launch a successful e-commerce business on platforms like Etsy or Zibbet. While self-employed tutors are usually solopreneurs, this business can be even more lucrative for a couple if both of you can tutor.
Many times what is shared from one couple in ministry, to another couple in their own business, to a third couple in a non-profit organization, is eerily similar. It doesn’t matter if you are leading your family, running a small business, or leading congregants in a ministry in your church.

Those are the five that will make an immediate and lasting impact on your relationship and your business. For those who are goal oriented, it’s so easy to only focus on achievement, and forget that the relationship is more important.

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