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Instead, he was telling them not to invest all their time in their faces and their outward appearance while forgetting to invest time in developing their hearts. You see, women in the first century, especially upper-class Greek and Roman women, were obsessed with their outward appearance. As a result of this popular rage, women invested huge amounts of time and great sums of money to produce the desired effect. As you will see, Peter was not against woman making their hair more beautiful. You see, the Greek and Roman women loved to drape many chains of gold around their necks, affix multiple solid gold bands around their upper arms, and wear many golden rings on each finger.

This means they were constantly running in and out of the closet and looking at themselves in the mirror as they fine-tuned their outward appearance for the day’s different events. Consider the many hours women spent applying their cosmetics, fixing their hair, and draping themselves in gold. Now add the multiple times they changed clothes in a day and all the time spent adjusting their clothes in front of a mirror after each change. However, don’t forget that the most important emphasis and the place to invest most of your time should be in the beautifying of the hidden man of the heart.” Dear wife, it is all right for you to look beautiful.

I don’t make the mistake of putting all my time and effort into improving my outward appearance while forgetting to invest time in the development of my spirit.

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