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There’s no question that the San Francisco Giants have been one of the best teams in the MLB in recent years. This team does have a tough challenge going up against the Dodgers, however the Giants’ pitching staff is one of the best in all of baseball, yet the Dodgers may hold a slight edge on them for the Starting Pitching Rotation and Offensive Lineup. You can expect Matt Cain to be taking the bump when the Giants open up on the road against the Dodgers on April 1st. This is something to look forward to for a Giants fan because there won’t be any doubt who is going into pitch the 9th and if he’ll be able to close it or not.

Although growing up in one of the best baseball towns in the major leagues, he has been a Giants fan since 2009. He is without-a-doubt going to be a superstar one day and he is still going to be a huge contributor for the Giants next year. After struggling for many seasons, plus not even making the 2010 playoff roster, he went 15-8 with a 4.15 ERA. The corner infielders for the Giants are going to come into factor a lot next year not just in the field, but at the plate too.

If not, the Giants can look to Jose Mijares as their second Left-Hander out of the pen behind Affeldt. If the Giants relievers can stay consistent like last year, they will be in for a good season from the bullpen.

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