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San Diego State football beats Air Force at Qualcomm to bring their 20th conference championship in school history. In what was a very competitive Mountain West title game, the Falcons were unable to stop the big passing plays or create any of their own in a 27-24 loss to San Diego State. As the Air Force Falcons prepare to face San Diego State in the Mountain West championship game, there are five key players who must rise up to help the Falcons capture the key victory. If I hadn't started last year's San Diego State preview with "Every year if feels like I say something similar about San Diego State," I'd be tempted to do the same this year. Until San Jose State crashed the party with an out-of-nowhere awesome class, SDSU had carved out a clear niche as the No.
SDSU's quarterback race features last year's backup (Nick Bawden), a former Kentucky starter (Maxwell Smith), a former four-star Oregon signee (Jake Rodrigues), a three-star redshirt freshman (Christian Chapman), and a three-star true freshman (Ryan Agnew).

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Smith and Chapman finished spring ahead of the pack, but they could still be caught.
SDSU returns three players with a combined four years of starting experience up front, but in attempting to replace all-conference tackle Terry Poole and centers Jordan Smith and Lenicio Noble this spring, the line was an albatross. From a recruiting standpoint, the upside is enormous -- seven linemen were given three-star designations by the Composite, and seven were Rivals three-stars as well. Long is in the same boat, though San Diego State's floor and ceiling have both been higher. Horton will have to figure out how to get more from the passing game, either to draw defenders out of the box on standard downs or catch back up to the chains on passing downs. Few were the opportunities when the quarterbacks were able to stand in the pocket for more than a couple of seconds.

The Aztecs allowed just 138 gains of 10-plus yards (eighth in the country) and four of 50-plus (18th), but their standard downs efficiency (32nd in SD Success Rate+) was still awesome. Through change, Long still offered a bit of stability by promoting running backs coach Jeff Horton to the coordinator seat. After four years, as an NFL assistant, he came back to the college ranks in 2010, serving as Minnesota's offensive coordinator for the final year of Tim Brewster's tenure before coming to San Diego. Mills and Judge are back, and sophomores Chase Favreau and Mikah Holder, a former star recruit, had a nice spring.

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