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This entry was posted in 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, Items of Interest (Not for sale), Race cars, Sweet videos, Vintage Midgets. It was the worst of the racing games during this season witnessed in Belgium and Canada where several reputed racing drivers died from the most fatal accident ever witnessed since the beginning of the racing sport. He was envisioned to be the best racer of his time until his death in May 2000 from a stuck throttled that saw him crash straight on a wall during a Busch 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series practice. A suspension failure shot a racer’s car into the wall which caused both of his right wheels to come off.
Fatal F1 racing accidents at races that occured after the inauguration of the World Championship in 1950 are listed here. One of these drivers is Gilles Villenueve, who reportedly died in the crash due to using his last set of qualifying tires which are past their best. He was headed for his 3rd straight win at the 1955 Indianapolis 500 race when unfortunately, a chain-reaction caused his death. Another racer behind him hit the debris field and the contact caused the rear wheel and the tire assembly to come flying over the catch fence. Earnhardt was keeping in control and remaining in the third position when all of a sudden his car slid off the tracks.
It is these crashes that have contributed to shaping racing sport today, in terms of safety.

The number of formula1 race drivers killed on race tracks could be due to motor malfunction, driver's carelessness, or could be just bad luck. Prior to the race, Moore got knocked off his motor scooter which resulted to a hand injury. His car, after being struck by the driver behind him went airborne and landed upside down and somersaulted four and a half times then burst to flames. It looked like he would manage to avoid the wall ahead but wasn’t able to when fellow racer, Ken Schrader hit his car and pushed him to collide against the wall. Pierre Levegh got in a collision with the car ahead of him which caused his #20 Mercedes Benz 300 SLR to break apart causing heavy and massive flying debris.
Listed below are all F1 race drivers killed at the FIA World Championship race weekend and those killed because of formula one car crash elsewhere. Fellow racer, Ed Elisian got off his undamaged car in an attempt to save Vukovich but it was in vain. One error in the racetrack can cause a chain-reaction crash wherein those who scramble to avoid the crash lose their control and end up being in a worse crash. It was said that MacDonald’s car, the #83 Sears All-State Special was badly designed, poorly built and difficult to drive.
He lost control of his car and spun into the infield grass with a speed of more than 200 mph.

Not only that, the car, after slowing from its somersault burst into white-hot flames due to the magnesium content, sending searing embers onto the crowd. Tire smoke reduces the visibility which results to an increase in risk, as well as the debris left by other cars. To avoid having the same accident again, that same year restrictor plates on racing cars were introduce.
This accident proved that restrictor plates were not the only solution to race accidents as there are more factors that should be looked at.
During the second lap, his car spun and hit the inside wall causing the 100 US gallons of gasoline to ignite.
Sachs hit MacDonald’s burning car directly causing a second explosion where he died instantly.

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