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If you pick more games correctly than anyone else – including Chris O’Brien – you win a $500 Gift Certificate from Clukey’s Auto Supply and a shot at $10,000! Click Here and Subscribe to 101.9 The Rock on YouTube to keep track of Chris and Doug's Weekly Picks! If you haven't been to any of Serene Social's wellness events yet, you're missing out and should definitely go to the one happening tomorrow in NYC at the launch of New York's Fashion Week.
Earlier this summer, I spent one of the most amazing and healthiest travel weekends of my life at the Four Seasons Baltimore. I picked out some rather loud styles for our shoot but once I got comfortable in them, I had no qualms wearing them "off-set". To qualify for our random weekly blog drawing, you must be a registered participant in our Pro Football Pick ‘Em promotion. By the time his photographs started getting noticed through social media, it was already a passion project.
Her prodigees went on to turn barre fitness into a successful business of popular, packed classes.

But the real highlight was scoring my room at the Four Seasons for their celebration of Global Wellness Day, which was served up as a full week of fit & healthy activities. I reached out to Hourglass Angel (the most well-known waist training seller online) to see if I could try their products and, of course, come to my own conclusion. They have a wayfarer style (which is so classic that they're always IN) and they're made with polarized, UV400 protection lenses.
Let me guess, you know how to break a sweat but you also look forward to showing off how well you clean up and glow like a pro. Check it out because I go into detail about why these skincare products should be in your summer gym bag STAT! A really astounding young lady and go-getter herself, Katya Meyers, created the interview series to share what happens behind the scenes in the lives of successful health & wellness oriented professionals.
Aging lines, sun damage and sagging are major concerns of mine, and I'd like to do the most I can to prevent the visible aging process from coming on faster than it needs to. Speaking of sweet, Valentine's Day reared its rosy head and lured me into a chocolate shop last week.

I'm asking everyone to snap a pic of their favorite outfit, fit look, accessory, or fitness fashion product.
I've been to a few of their events, but this year's New York Fashion Week 2015 showcase was one of my favorites. My products have to be effective, easy to apply, fast working and light (on my shoulder, not just my face!). The lotus flower is now bold, proud and sharp looking, which I personally think translates better to fitness and sport.
You'll eventually find yourself clicking on every square on his instagram profile much like I did.

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