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This song was included on the tape Disney Sing-Along Songs: Circle of Life and the video game Just Dance 2014. They appear in Genie's song, "There's a Party Here in Agrabah" and they were also invited to Aladdin's and Jasmine's wedding as the flower girls. Besides them, there are other harem girls summoned by Genie in the songs, "Friend Like Me" and "Prince Ali".

Manak Ali presents 2015 new Punjabi song “Ranjha” lyrics and video out now, the beautiful song sung by Manak Ali, Marvelous music composed by one of the best musician Prince Saggu and lyrics written by Panchhi. A conceived intro of the song and two extra verses in the middle were cut in the film version of the movie. When Aladdin shows up in town as Prince Ali, they swoon over him and are very impressed with him as he is presented by Genie who, at one point, disguised himself as one ("Prince Ali").

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