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Discover where to play the best football prediction and guess-the-score games for the new season. Before making your predictions in the I Know The Score game, take a look at the Premier League statistics page, which should help you avoid reckless guesses such as Blackpool to win 6-0 at Old Trafford. There are loads of football prediction games to play on the Football Pools official site, from the classic score draw-guessing game to Head to Head games that focus on goals scored, corners taken and shots on target during individual matches. The overall winner of I Know the Score wins a VIP trip for two to a Premier League match featuring a team of their choice.

Instead, you just enter all your predicted scores for the season, then press the Update Table button to see the effect it has on clubs' positions. There's also a Challenge Hansen bonus game, in which you have to out-predict the ex-Liverpool and Scotland defender. You can predict results for all four divisions, so it doesn't matter if you know more about the grim reality of Division 2 than the glamour of the Premier League. Once you've decided which prediction games to play, you should then check out our guide to the best Premier League Fantasy Football games this season.

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