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Prior to the start of the 2015 NFL Draft last week, I posted the annual Bleeding Green Nation draft prediction game post. Elsewhere, congrats to NoHuddle207 for being the only user to correctly guess a pick that wasn't Agholor or Rowe: Randall Evans. Some extra props to the few users who had the Eagles drafting some of the players the team ended up signing in undrafted free agency.
Zeke is certainly a unique type of back for Ohio State, but he gives the team everything they could ever want out of him.
After practically declining an invitation to be a fairly high (probably 2nd round) draft pick, he went on to then start for the Buckeyes as they started their season against Va Tech. Michael is consistently ranked either 1st or 2nd in wide receiver rankings for this draft class (Laquon Treadwell is the other).

Also, he is no doubt declaring for the draft this year, because he was in the senior picture at media day, even though he obviously isn’t a senior. Many Ohio State fans are holding on to the hope that Joey will want to stay for his senior season to play with his younger brother, Nick. He made a good showing, and had good comments from Urban for being ready to again replace J.T. This soft-spoken, yet physical player is a real leader for not only his unit, but for the entire team. With his success, and draft stock, many would be inclined to think he would leave, but there’s always a chance he returns. Some media members like to criticize him because of his low sack totals this year, but it’s obvious he is a very dominant force.

Larry Johnson uses him all over the D-Line, and it creates matchup nightmares for any player going against him. As long as he stays healthy and continues to compete and play well throughout the season, he will be a high draft pick.

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