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As the season moves into the second-half stretch, the cream has risen to the top with a number of teams proving elite heading into Week 10. The odds reflect a clear-cut hierarchy in the league, with a whopping six of the 14 games this weekend featuring touchdown-or-higher spreads.
Cleveland has been one of the most surprising teams this season and they will be looking to keep their momentum rolling as we begin a new week.

That being said, the NFL is a league of parity and unpredictability, with upsets cropping up every week. With the final stretch of the regular season approaching, success in the NFL picks is more imporant than ever.
They absolutely blew out the Chargers last week and have won four of their last five utilizing a great defense, excellent run game and a coming-of-age quarterback in Ryan Tannehill.

Playing in the Big Easy won’t be easy for San Francisco who, with a loss, would be 4-5 when the weekend is over.

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