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As you can see in this chart below, sports betting terms searched in Google is slowly decreasing, but I believe due to recent legalization of internet poker that this will create a positive awareness to sports betting online.
Ok, so what the US currently has at the time of writing this article (and I’ll try and update it during major changes) is a strong view against online betting on sports but now that online poker is becoming legal. I hope this article gives you a little information about US online betting and our current situations we face in the US as gamblers. Despite laws that try and forbid offshore gambling websites from accepting funds from players in the USA, nothing has stopped them in the 15 years they’ve been trying.

We have sports betting, casino gambling, and the oh so popular poker games you see running non-stop on television. Many online sportsbooks are gearing up for the playoffs, offering free bets and great incentives, check out the sports betting sites on the right side of this page and compare the bonuses they have to offer this year. What’s ironic is out of the three, sports betting which probably requires the most research and talent to be considered a sport and have a winning edge is actually the most frowned upon by the US government.
Online poker betting in the US has consolidated to a few major offshore sites that still accept US players because they can afford to loose a few million here and there to payment processor being seized while making sure you will always get your money.

You see, we wouldn’t want our favorite sports to be corrupt the online bookies now would we, although all the other countries seem to be fine.
It’s not until the United States finally comes to its senses and realizes that online betting is here to stay, might as well make some money off it instead of letting it all go overseas, oh yea and the people’s freedoms to do what they please with their money is pretty important!

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