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Hit The Deck Baseball is an innovative baseball themed pinball game developed by Mike Miller, and designed for both iPhone and iPad. We have 7 promo codes of Mike Miller’s HIT THE DECK BASEBALL HD for iPad to give away.
Hit the Deck Baseball plays and looks as good as the mechanical baseball games of the 80’s. What makes Hit the Deck Baseball different from the other baseball games is its retro style, easy to play but very challenging, and five different game modes. Post a comment below stating why you would LOVE to get a free promo code for HIT THE DECK BASEBALL HD for iPad.

To be eligible for promo codes, winners must be located in the United States and have a US based iTunes account.
Thanks to all who participated and be sure to keep an eye out for more of our weekly giveaways! If it’s the latter, the arcade game Hot The Deck Baseball should be able to catch your eyes. The universal game features gorgeous 3D graphics, smooth gameplay, realistic physics and sound effects.
Everything from the gorgeous 3D graphics, smooth game play, physics and sound effects, and with five different game modes, local and global online leader boards, HTD has great replay value.

You can select different game mode from Arcade, Two Players, Player vs CPU Easy and Hard, and Home Run Derby, of course, no matter which game mode, all you need to do is win each match. In addition, you can also customize the innings from 3, 6 and 9, while the online global and local leaderboards allow you to compete with other players.

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