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As the season moves into the second-half stretch, the cream has risen to the top with a number of teams proving elite heading into Week 10. As a Green Bay fan (and resident), I was fortunate to watch Woodson play in my back yard for 7 seasons, 7 incredible seasons that cemented his certain induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.
Parents, if you want your kids to look up to an NFL Player, I suggest you tell them about Larry Fitzgerald, if they don't already know about him - he's most-likely a future Hall-of-Famer who used to be Cris Carter and Randy Moss' ballboy for the Vikings in the late '90's. The overwhelming majority of the kids playing organized sports will never benefit financially from their sport.

The odds reflect a clear-cut hierarchy in the league, with a whopping six of the 14 games this weekend featuring touchdown-or-higher spreads. Kill has coached at the college level for 21 seasons and in his time with the Golden Gophers sent six players to the NFL.
The following will outline my many reasons, but they all basically reduce to this: the overwhelming majority of the coaches out there love our kids and understand that, in the end, the lessons they impart both on and off their respective fields of play are lasting well beyond the final score. That being said, the NFL is a league of parity and unpredictability, with upsets cropping up every week.

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