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The AFL was inarguably the strongest competitor ever to the NFL's hegemony on professional football. NFL divisions are loosely structured on geography, but Pigskin Buzz points out how gerrymandered the alignment looks. Since the league’s last expansion in 2002, NFL teams have built $8 billion worth of new stadiums with two more projected to open by 2017. The cost of taking a family of four to an NFL game is about the same as a car payment on a Honda Civic.
Where an NFL player is born shouldn't have an impact on if or how often he scores touchdowns. Norv Turner has been employed as an NFL position coach, coordinator, or head coach since 1985. The NFL rotates which divisions play each other every season, and unfortunately for the Oakland Raiders, the AFC West plays the AFC East this year. Heading into this year's draft, the folks at CollegeSpun used Google data to see which future NFL players were most searched for in each state. The NFL agreed to an unlimited settlement with retired players suffering the long-term effects of brain trauma, avoiding a long and potentially damaging court fight. DirecTV and the NFL are on the verge of renewing their Sunday Ticket contract for even more money. TweetThe NFL Annual Meeting is underway in Orlando, Florida, as team owners, executives, general managers and coaches gathered to discuss league matters. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answers a question from the media during a news conference at the annual NFL football meetings at the Arizona Biltmore, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, in Phoenix.

Team owners on Wednesday barred ball carriers from using the crown of their helmets to make forcible contact with a defender in the open field.
But if it was good enough for football's greatest running back, NFL owners figure, it should work in the 21st century.
The changes were the latest involving safety, and head injuries in particular, with the issue receiving heightened attention amid hundreds of lawsuits filed by former players claiming that the NFL did not do enough to prevent concussions in years past. The owners discussed simply using fines on ball carriers to eliminate the tactic, but instead voted to make the rule change. Most recently, they have gone to the leagues front offices and put together a list of the leagues top ten owners. Eight teams debuted for the AFL in 1960, and for one glorious decade it churned out teams every bit as good as those in the NFL.
The NFL has largely kept its biggest event to warm weather, venturing into the cold only a handful of times. Despite those limitations, betting on game is a big part of the NFL's popularity, even if the league is loath to acknowledge it. Team owner Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore in 1996, amid loud protests by Cleveland fans (who eventually got a team again).
The only US born owners who were born more than 500 miles away from their teams are: Jerry Jones, Bowlen, Stephen Ross, Bob McNair, Arthur Blank, Bill Bidwell, and Jed York. AT&T Stadium, nicknamed Jerry World after the team’s owner, was built with the largest video board in the NFL at the time. California also makes a strong showing, but the dark horse here is North Carolina, where UNC has made a run on the NFL draft, sending 21 draft picks to the pros in the past four years.

There are currently a small, but growing number of options for watching live NFL games on your phone and tablet.
The Green Bay Packers, who joined the APFA in 1921 just before the name change, are the only current team in the history of NFL who have maintained their name and location for its duration. Prior to the official merger in 1970, the AFL's New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowls III and IV, respectively, leading AFL fans to question why the league should join the NFL at all. Today's NFL was put together piecemeal through mergers and expansion, and there are longstanding rivalries to consider, rationality be damned.
Like today, however, money was the difference -- the NFL had richer television contracts and more access to major markets.
If the NFL was founded today with 32 teams and no history to recall, the divisional landscape would certainly look much different.
Perhaps more surprising is that fans in many major NFL towns would rather see the English teen pop sensations.
One Direction will play 20 concerts in 14 NFL stadiums on its tour, and the average ticket price for a game was higher in just four of those stadiums. Jones also was part of the NFL Management Council Executive Committee when the league agreed to the ill-fated 2006 collective bargaining agreement.

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