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For the many Jets fans I know, games are about waiting for the next crushing blow, enduring it, and commiserating about it with other fans.
The NFL Draft will be held in Chicago this year, the first time it will be held outside of New York City since 1965. It’s become one of the most anticipated single days in American sports, partly because of the unbridled optimism it allows fans to have, but mostly because the NFL dominates the national sports consciousness on a level unsurpassed in my lifetime.

It’s extra special for sad-sack franchises like the New York Jets, whose fans are so used to losing that watching a game is not a hopeful, exciting experience for them. Jets fans bond over the bad times, comparing them to one another in their memories like wartime stories, shaking their heads and taking a drink.
Fans allow themselves hope on Draft Day, whereas on game day they steel themselves against disappointment — ready to be pleasantly surprised, sure, but already two steps down the path of resignation.

In honor of their public misery (and as always, with more hope for the future), we present to you five of the most hated picks the New York Jets ever made, with contributions from some of the fans who hated them.

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