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The Eagles will be in attendance to watch Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota among other Oregon and Ohio State players. Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks (-11): The Seahawks and Panthers played a close game earlier in the season when the game was in Carolina but I think things are going to be different this time around. For the second consecutive week, the 2015 NFL playoffs are not anticipated any road victors. The Ravens were the main group on Wild Card Weekend to win out and about, however the Cowboys won while neglecting to cover the spread. Every one of the eight squads has a record of .500 or better against the spread this season.
The following are picks against the spread and upgraded wagering chances for each game in the second round of the playoffs. The Ravens pulled off the main miracle win on Wild Card Weekend, and they have an opportunity to do it again on Saturday. Manning finished the season with only three touchdowns and six interceptions in his past four games. Each home team is loved in the divisional round, and no underdog is getting less than six points.
In the second round, three teams are laying at least six, including the defending champs, who are giving their rival more than 10 points.

The Colts lead the field with 11 wins against the wagering line, and the Ravens and Broncos are in last with eight wins.
Baltimore has a history of playing great in New England, winning at Gillette Stadium in the 2013 AFC title Game. Carolina has feasted on an awful group this season, as they’re division has been haggard. Dallas verged on getting smoked in the first round, but returned from a 13-point, second half deficit.
The Broncos are the probable victor on Sunday against a group that has battled against sorry competition.
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11 points is a big spread but I like the Seahawks to cover because they’re well rested and the Panthers have had to make the cross-country trip out west. New England plays tough at home, however the Ravens have a decent opportunity to keep the contest close, having secured the spread in their last six playoff games. Indianapolis lost by a touchdown at Denver in Week 1, and they were vanquished by New England and Dallas by a combined 57 points. I like John Harbaugh’s team here with the points to cover, but I think New England will win.

The Packers should be favored by more considering that they’ve been unstoppable at home in 2014 with a perfect 8-0 record.
The Broncos beat the Colts earlier this season but I think Luck will pull out a big win this time around. The Panthers just scored nine points in their home game with the Seahawks in Week 8, and they may not score much more in the rematch.
Only New England has held Green Bay to less than 30 points at home, and Dallas will be up for a test, having the 26th-ranked pass protection. Peyton Manning could have a huge day against a group that has allowed no less than 30 points in all five of their losses. Eagles fans aren’t going to like to hear this but I have a feeling the Cowboys are going to inexplicably win this one.

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