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Cordella, who is the Senior Vice President and General Manager, Digital for NBC Sports Group, took time out of his busy day today to speak with World Soccer Talk, to answer several questions many of us have about NBC Sports Live Extra. Cordella reassured me that NBC Sports is working diligently and quickly as they can to add the ability to make games available on demand. An updated version of NBC Sports Live Extra for iOS devices will be released in the next few weeks, which will provide an even better experience. Cordella answered that the plan is to go ahead and offer as much of the Premier League programming as possible including NBC’s Match Of The Day, the Premier League Preview Show, Premier League Review Show and other shows.
Cordella and I concluded our discussion by talking about how soccer fans watch the Premier League far differently than the average American watches traditional American sports. Re: On Demand games for Premier League Extra Time, NBC Sports provides all of the games in HD quality, so if your TV provider is showing them in SD, you need to contact your TV provider.
NBC released an update at 5am ET this morning, so it should be working on most Android devices now.

RCN joins the growing list of DISH Network, AT&T U-verse, xFinity Comcast and many other providers who will allow their subscribers who get NBC Sports Network in their TV package to access via an authenticated login 100% of Premier League matches online (and on mobile devices and tablets) beginning with the 2013-14 Premier League season that kicks off on August 17. RCN customers can access NBC Sports Live Extra via the web or smartphone and tablet devices. DIRECTV is excited to announce we will be carrying Barclay’s English Premier League (EPL) soccer matches for the 2013-14 season…close to 380 EPL games in all. Just finished using the online chat service from Time Warner Cable and a friendly man named Jamaal informed me that they have plans to add NBC Sports Live Extra soon and it will be available by August 17th. FOX Sports opposes FIFA’s plan to move the 2022 World Cup from the summer to winter, according to a report in Bloomberg. Regular users of the NBC Sports Live Extra app will have noticed several new enhancements added in the last few weeks as NBC Sports aims to make the content and stats to accompany each game even more useful. NBC Sports Live Extra is a free app that broadcasts all 380 live Premier League matches each season via an authenticated login on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Soccer fans who watch the Premier League rely on watching games on demand and online far greater than fans do for other sports. The cable TV company, who offers service in the northeastern United States and Chicago, has now added access to NBC Sports Live Extra, the TV Anywhere app from NBC Sports that allows sports fans to watch live games on the web, smart phone and tabloid devices.
Soccer fans in the United States streamed more than 5.7 million minutes of Premier League action via desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. That makes NBC Sports Live Extra an even more necessary and powerful app to allow US soccer fans to be able to watch as much Premier League soccer as they can.

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