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The team has been under fire over the video -- which shows a male Cavs fan slamming his GF to the ground when he finds out she's a Bulls fan. If the Cavs won’t say it, we have to say it for them: These guys are absolutely title contenders, right this very second, and they may enter the season as favorites.
But the Cavs aren’t panicking about their lack of rim protection, and they are not going to rush out and trade for a heavy-minutes lug who can’t do what Blatt’s system demands on offense. If the Cavs are facing a great shooting big man, or just want to screw with a team’s head, they might suddenly start blitzing on the pick-and-roll.
The Cavs on the surface did a decent job of protecting the rim last season; they allowed just 24 shots per game in the restricted area, the third-lowest mark in the league, and they managed that without fouling much.

Toss in offensive rebounding, an area that many of the league’s better scoring teams punt in favor of transition defense, and the Cavs should chase the top spot in the points per possession rankings in Year 1. The Cavs, in fact, might benefit more by acquiring a defensive-minded wing with some shooting range for the starting lineup — a move that would tilt that 60 percent figure in the right direction and allow Waiters to take a leadership role on the second unit. Opponents hit 36.7 percent of their 3s against the Cavs last season, and only the Sixers, who were not trying to be an actual NBA team, allowed more corner 3s. Good luck defending a LeBron-Love or Irving-Love pick-and-roll, especially when the Cavs precede it with actions that nudge the defense out of position by the time that pick-and-roll starts.7 LeBron’s post-up game isn’t going anywhere, either. The Cavs probably won’t be a top-10 defense, but they could sniff that territory, and it’s possible the East won’t burp out a single offense potent enough to worry them.

The Cavs might need time, especially given their obvious defensive limitations and depth issues.

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