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The Timberwolves' playoff drought continues, as they fall from a team on the precipice of the postseason to the very bottom of their conference. Like the Timberwolves, don't expect the Jazz to stick around the dregs of the conference for much longer. The face of the NBA stayed the same during the off-season, however the power of balance has shifted dramatically. Simply put, the Western Conference is too tough, too competitive, and too good for the Nuggets as they're currently constructed, even when fully healthy.

In the Eastern conference Phil Jackson returned to the Knicks, Cleveland obtained both Lebron James and Kevin Love, and on the unfortunate side Paul George will miss most if not all of the season due to a terrible leg injury. With their abundance of young talent -- from Andrew Wiggins to Zach LaVine to Anthony Bennett -- the Wolves, if developed correctly, should shoot up the conference standings in the next few years.
Though reintegrating Kobe Bryant and adding Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin should help stabilize last season's inconsistent offense, this is arguably the worst defensive team in the NBA on paper. A four seed and home-court advantage would be a fantastic achievement, and go a long way towards finally allowing Memphis the jolt it needs to make the NBA Finals.

Doc Rivers is one of the best coaches in the NBA, and they have a multitude of weapons on their side.
Not to fret, New Orleans faithful: In the latter half of this decade, the Pelicans may very well own the NBA.

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