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That is how I see the Opening Power Ranking for the 2014-15 NBA Season make sure to come back for the Mid-Season Rankings and daily for Top Plays of the Day! All sports odds cant use the formula to set which team win,all sports odds depend on the bet of every punter.The more you bet on the team,the more the handicap raise or the running odds drops. Sign up for our VIP newsletter!You don't want to miss out on the Best Sports Picks Today VIP newsletter. Sign up today with Sports Information Traders and receive our FREE NBA Promo Play of the Day.
Our NBA department, lead by Mike Wise and his team, have been averaging 62% winners ever since Mike took control of the team midway through the 2006-’07 NBA Season.

Last year Mike hit one of his best seasons ever by going 122-69 in College and NBA combined, that’s 64% winners! No real big pick up but Kaman if healthy will be a big help along with some other big sized guys they added. They need a few first round draft picks and maybe in a few years they will improve but right now they will be near the bottom. Yes they can pass the Hawks for the 8 seed and get eliminated the first round but no key pick ups this year when they needed it most will hurt this team.
USA TODAY Sports' NBA crew makes its picks, and we don't always agree:EASTERN CONFERENCENo.

I don’t expect them to have the best record in the NBA this season only because coach Pop will rest his guys even more this season.

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