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I ran around to the other side of the stadium and worked my way down to the front row behind the Nationals’ dugout.
The Nationals scored once in the bottom of the eighth to make it 3-2, and the Marlins regained their two-run cushion in the ninth.
You DO realize, of course, that most people in the world would be thrilled to go home with two baseballs from one game. I ran back to the Nationals’ side and snuck down the steps behind the middle of the dugout. Except for the placement of the bullpens, Nationals Park was a near clone of Citizens Bank Park, and in Philly, that’s where the umps exited.
Major kudos to the Nationals front office for hiring friendly employees and encouraging them not to be so strict. At this point, the ushers were checking tickets at the top of the stairs so I waited for a large group to head down to their seats and slipped in behind them.

Nationals Park had a little tunnel there, blocked by a small gate that was clearly designed to swing open. For anyone who wonders why it’s a good thing to swipe baseballs off the field, just consider that you have a legion of followers now who are buying tickets to be at Major League games. I suspected the rules at Nationals Park were being invented on the spot, but I couldn’t argue.
Jona and I pretty much had to buy our tickets and get right on line at the center field gate, but at least we were able to buy tickets in the first place. I think a club oughta just save you the trouble and present you with a box of 29 variety baseballs at a future game. The Nationals, meanwhile, were stuck in the middle of a losing streak that ended up lasting nine games.
By the third inning, however, the ushers in that section were checking tickets, so I asked one of them if he’d let me walk down between innings and take a picture.

I went back to the Nationals’ dugout the next inning, and I got kicked out by the ushers. That was my goal for the day, and when I walked away from the ticket window, I knew I had a great chance.Twenty minutes before the gates opened, two guys walked over and introduced themselves, and you can see us in the pic on the right. Doug (beard and glasses) was friends with Alex (Nationals jersey), a fellow baseball collector who’d recently been leaving a bunch of comments on my blog. The first came from Nationals first base coach Jerry Morales, and as for the second, I asked pitcher Ray King for it when he walked over to pick it up off the warning track in straight-away center field.

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