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This productivity killer app, created by the Advance Media arm of MLB, has come a long way since its first inception, and for 2009, there are vast improvements over last year’s not-half-bad service. But does seem to carry plenty of near HD games, and with the premium package you get a choice of either home or away TV feeds.
MLB is not aligned with the fan base and chooses to not address the issues and concerns of the paying subscriber. currently offers full games live, and on demand replays, with two different subscription packages.
Pointing out that most millennials today get their content on laptops, tablets, and phones, he stated that MLB needs to be where the next generation of fans are. Oh, and be aware MLB states they will NOT give a refund after 5 or more days of their service.

And this is the same MLB who doesn’t ban players who have tested positive for steroids.

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