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After 43 years, the Athletics say Oakland represents the past and the future lies in San Jose. THAT MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL has prevented the Oakland A's from moving 35 miles to the south to a potentially more prosperous future provides a rare glimpse of the country-club politics of a monopoly more than a century old and to a certain extent of the unintended price for some of its beneficiaries.
When the Giants sought a stadium vote in Santa Clara County, the county was shared territory between the two clubs. IN OAKLAND, A CULTURE OF BENIGN DISTRUST exists between the city and Wolff that during difficult moments can drift toward hostility.
Outside of stating that the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is unfit for the long-term future of the club, Selig has never ruled definitively on whether he would allow the Athletics to pursue relocating to San Jose, nor has he ever expressed unequivocal support for their existence or a concrete plan for the future of a team that has been part of the American League since 1901.For 13 years, the A's have wanted to move to Santa Clara County, home to Silicon Valley, the city of San Jose and some of the wealthiest corporations in the world.

According to legend, Walter Haas offered the Giants exclusive territorial rights to Santa Clara for the purpose of the acquiring a stadium out of respect and best interest of the game.Haas, of course, would have also benefited in attendance from the Giants moving 40 miles to the south, or if the vote failed, away to Florida. San Francisco baseball fans uninterested in driving to the South Bay during rush hour might be inclined to drive to Oakland instead. The one absolute to the convolution is that the Oakland A's are cornered -- to the south by Selig and in Oakland by the combination of Wolff's conviction that no workable site exists in the city and an expiring lease in a stadium that is unlikely to be renewed while Wolff intimates that he wants to leave town.
If you go through the record, you'll never see me criticize any political person in Oakland.
If you go it alone for a special election, it is expensive, probably around $2 million to $4 million."In the meantime, like Michael Mulcahy, Lew Wolff waits for his old fraternity mate Selig to render his judgment, each day simultaneously pushing a potential new stadium project back months and maybe years, each day without a decision pushing the A's back to the dreary limbo of the Coliseum, a place they don't want and by next year may not want them.

In fact, he has shown outright disdain for the city and the A's fan base in Oakland including in 2009 taking his team's holiday tour to almost every city in the Bay Area except Oakland.

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