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After introducing Inside Edge scouting and the Swing Stick, many thought that 2K had found a formula for success. The website Pasta Padre reported that 2K had pretty much erased any mention of baseball from their resume. Of course with a game being cancelled, you have the inevitable loss of jobs that comes with something being cancelled. Rebel Galaxy is finally making the jump to consoles and we've got details on exactly when to expect Rebel Galaxy release dates for PS4 and Xbox One. A new mod for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt lets characters ditch Geralt in favor of a female protagonist.
Yes, I am talking about the same NBA 2K that has had major issues since the game's next-gen release and people are extremely upset about it. Slowly, competition within the sports gaming community is going away as MLB The Show is standing by itself and EA Sports' Madden NFL franchise is the only game in town.

Here's everything we know about the latest in a stream of The Witcher 3 mods from the game's community. Here's why you should give it a shot if you're looking for an 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' substitute. On top of the competition, 2K's quality for the baseball series began to go down as it seemed as if the company began to focus more on the NBA 2K series and putting resources towards that game.
While the game was lacking quality, it was the only choice for Xbox owners so that was guaranteed money for 2K and Take Two.
Throw in NHL for EA Sports as well and the end of NCAA Football, choices are slim and there isn't much discussion when it comes to sports video games. One of the games that saw a measure of successful over years was 2K's Major League Baseball franchise. Last year's game, MLB 2K13, almost seemed as if 2K had to get something out as it was practically the same game from the year before with updated rosters.

Even more startlingly the Facebook page for the MLB 2K franchise has been deleted - pages with hundreds of thousands of "fans" don't just disappear unless there is explicit reason for them to be closed." Late Monday, Polygon was able to get a statement from 2K concerning the future of baseball for the company. Yes it makes sense to put all of your power behind the game that is making you the most money but there is a major issue with cancelling the game.
Early to mid-2000's versions of the game showed the public what a good baseball game could be and the future looked bright for the baseball franchise was 2K Sports. It seemed as if 2K had thrown the towel in on their baseball game and on Monday, the match was officially called. They even agreed to a exclusive third-party licensing contract with Major League Baseball in 2005, a deal that was signed for six years.

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