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The 2013 Major League Baseball season is officially underway, and the last round of Home Openers will be played today. One of the most interesting things about this list is how good most Major League ballparks are these days. Formerly known as the SkyDome, the Rogers Centre and its incredible movable roof were the crown jewel of baseball in 1989.
Of course, whether you love or hate the actual stadium itself, the fact remains that the Marlins are the most depressing team in baseball. Minute Maid Park, nee Enron Field (oops), is another retractable roof stadium that really would be pretty good if not for a couple of annoying features.
The Mets (relatively) new $850 stadium is almost infinitely better than the old Shea Stadium. Opting to renovate Kauffman Stadium in 2009 rather than pursue an entirely new venue was probably the only good decision the Kansas City Royals have made over the last 20 years. Citizens Bank Park is a really nice stadium with an open outfield that boasts some nice views of Philadelphia’s downtown skyline—a really nice feature for fans sitting in the upper deck of many modern venus. There are a few truly bad ones, a few unexciting-but-passable ones, and then 20 or so pretty great places to take in a baseball game. The Rays are a fantastic organization and a lot of fun to watch, but when your stadium has to have a convoluted set of ground rules to deal with the multiple levels of catwalks dangling over the field, something is not right. Teams have demonstrated over the years that it is indeed possible to rehabilitate those circular cookie-cutter multipurpose stadiums of the 1960s.

However, beyond a giant HD scoreboard in center field, very little has been done over the years to update the place, and now it’s a dreary, lifeless stadium when the roof is shut. The ownership group has completely demoralized both their fans and the players with frequent payroll purges. The former is just ridiculous for obvious reasons*, and the latter makes the place look like a minor league park on steroids. The largest entrance to the stadium is actually the original 1911 Union Station lobby, which is pretty awesome, and the retractable roof is one of the most innovative and architecturally interesting in all of baseball. So despite the stadium itself being so-so, the atmosphere might make a visit worth your while.
It’s never ideal to watch baseball indoors, but in Milwaukee, at least, they built a really amazing fan-like roof like no other in baseball.
But of course, at the end of the day, any attempt to be scientific would still have been met with ire from fans angry that we slighted their sacred baseball shrine. The team could easily make some aesthetic improvements that would make the place look less like a cold Soviet prison for baseball fans. From 2001 to 2007 the team spent $118 million (almost as much as it originally cost to build) to transform the place from a lifeless bowl into one of the nicer ballparks in MLB—the most important change being the removal of eight rows from the upper deck and the addition of a more vintage-looking roof.
Also, unlike their New York counterparts, the Yankees managed to keep the scale of the center field signage under control–it’s all dwarfed by the jumbotron and the stadium grandstands on either side.
Moreover, what makes baseball special is that, despite our attempts to quantify it, it remains ineffable.

Louis Cardinals, for example, did a splendid job of refurbishing the old Busch Stadium before they built the new one.
However, such improvements—painting, installing natural grass, adding some more aesthetically pleasing scoreboards, and the like—would make it impossible to use the stadium for things other than baseball. They probably thought that was going to be an interesting architectural feature, and obviously they were trying to pay homage to the fact that the stadium sits where Houston’s Union Station used to be. The ambiance won’t blow you away or anything, but there are a lot of baseball fans out there who have it a lot worse than the folks in Orange County, California. Plus, for every game the place is packed with people who were born and raised in Minnesota, which just might be the nicest state in the Union. But when the roof is open you have a couple of really cool arches running parallel to the baselines.
No other pro sport is romanticized as much as baseball, so it doesn’t seem right to apply rigid formulas in assessing its stadiums.
So baseball fans in Toronto are probably stuck with this drab place for the foreseeable future.

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