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Baseball lost sight of the common fan amid the gold rush of the past decade, the rush to build palaces that spit out gold from luxury suites and dugout seats and baseline clubs. It is too bad Baseball needed a recession to realize the pendulum had swung too far toward the rich, too far from the kids.
But Baseball woke up to its greed this spring, frightened into action by the prospect of plummeting attendance.
Commissioner Bud Selig welcomed the new season by instituting a fan value program in which every team will offer discounts and promotions, with a special emphasis on families and children.
The Angels sell kids' tickets for $3 for some games, $5 for others, with $7 caps for every fan, every day.

We really have to be the cheapest form of entertainment." Baseball lost that commitment, losing its way while celebrating each billion in record revenues. We spend far too much time fretting over whether the late starting times for the World Series keep kids from watching Baseball on television, far too little time figuring out how to get kids into the ballpark, embrace the game in person, get hooked for life. And yet, according to Team Marketing Report, the cost of four tickets at the average price, four hot dogs, four sodas, two beers, two caps and parking comes to $196.79 at the average major league park this season. McCourt declined to commit to maintaining the new, lower-priced water, soda and beer options beyond this season.
The Diamondbacks raised their payroll this season, even with the low prices for tickets and concessions.

I got hooked on Baseball three decades ago as a member of the Dodger-Pepsi Fan Club -- six tickets in the top deck for $2. If Selig and the owners fail to use the recession as a springboard to renewed affordability, they had better not start blaming video games when the next generation of fans fails to materialize.

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