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Bond – a type of investment (debt investment) to lend to a corporation or government to continue its business operations. Money Market Fund – is a low risk type of investments, you can invest in money market funds via mutual fund companies or in any banks that offers UITF (unit trust investment trust funds). If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this low risk investments for beginners for long term profits, please write it in the comment box below. Example, if an annual inflation rate is 4%, then, just add 3 to 5% as a basis for your investments interest rate.

The investors and the government or corporation has an agreement regarding the earned interest rate and the investment horizon.
These simply means you don’t have to take as much as high risk as you can because even low risk investments can earn great profits especially if you invest for long term. If you are a low risk profile investor and looking for the types of investments fitted for your profile, here’s the basic guidelines and tips to invest your money.It is true that if you invest in high risk types of investments such as stocks and mutual fund equities, you can also get high ROI or return on investments. If you are afraid to lose your investment capital, you can choose to invest your money in bonds, savings, money market funds, CDs and even retail treasury bills.

You can turn your $1,000 (one thousand dollar) one time investments into $4,600 (four thousands six hundred dollars) after 20 years if your investments is earning at least 8% per year.

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