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Be clear about the progression of your career and why investment banking is the best logical next step for your development.
Investment banking is the business of raising capital for companies and providing advisory services on financing and merger activities. A company will approach an investment bank when it needs to raise capital (debt or equity) or when it needs advice in negotiating and structuring an acquisition of another company.
Underwriting: an arrangement whereby investment bankers raise investment capital from investors on behalf of corporations and governments who issue public securities (“public offering”). If you have prior investment banking experience the interviewer will be much more likely to want to spend a lot of time talking about your experience in detail. Cash flow from operations reflects the cash which is generated by the company’s “normal” business. Current assets are the one which can be quickly transformed into cash such as cash, inventories or accounts receivable. Non-current assets are assets which are not easily transformed into cash (expected to be turned into cash in more than 1 year), such as machinery, buildings, land etc… You can find 2 types of assets: tangibles (physical) and intangibles (non-physical such as brand name or patent).
It is very important to keep in mind that the 3 main financial statements (income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet) are interrelated. The Income Statement will show all the expenses the company incurs: they can be cash or non-cash (paid right away or not). To answer this question, you have to go down the Balance Sheet and try to understand how the different aggregates impact or are impacted by the cash flow statement. For this type of questions, it is very important to go through the 3 financial statements and analyze the potential impact.
The analysis of working capital is particularly important as it has a direct effect on cash generation. Because current assets represent cash tied up through operations, it means the Company has a higher need in cash. Enterprise Value is equal to Market Value of the equity (market capitalization of a listed company) + total financial debt – cash & cash equivalent + minority interests – investment in joint ventures and associates.
The discounted cash flow is the only intrinsic value methodology available (only relies on the company’s cash flow generation profile). If you raise more debt for your company and do nothing with it (you don’t buy other machines for instance) and you just keep the money at the bank, you are just increasing your debt liability, but also your cash balance.
If we now consider that the operating lease is capitalize as a financial lease, the Income Statement has to be adjusted. The rent is not a rent anymore and is now going in financial costs below EBIT.

DCF: if the asset has a finite life, very predictable cash flows DCF will be very “precise”. FCF (Free Cash Flows) is a measure of financial performance (cash generation), which is equal to cash flow from operations – capital expenditure: it show how much cash a company is able to generate after paying capex to maintain and grow the business. In the DCF analysis, you have to discount cash flows for each period of your horizon forecasts.
This implicitly assumes that the company receives the total cash flow at the end of each year. However, cash flow is not receive in one lump sum at the end of the year, but rather all along the year. The mid-year convention in a DCF suggests that, instead of assuming the cash flow is received at the end of each year, it is received in the middle of the year, which average out all the cash flows along the same year. Beta is a measure of volatility, or systematic risk of a security or portfolio of investment vs. If your company is private and does not disclose details regarding its capital structure or if you think that the current cost of debt is not representative, in the long run (because the company goes through a restructuring or distressed situation or other), you can benchmark the cost of debt and the credit spread. Once you have your multiple, you apply it to your EBITDA in the normalized year to find the terminal value. The Gordon-Shapiro formula considers that the company will get a certain stage of maturity where cash flow will become some sort of annuities and would grow in line with inflation: the perpetuity growth rate.
Cash on cash is an absolute measure of the return from an investment (you invest $100 and you get back $200, your CoC is 2.0x). The statement reflects both the cash inflow and the cash outflow for a specific period of time. Be sure to mention that you are very excited about becoming an junior and that you want to make the most of the position in terms of learning, get as much transaction experience as possible, etc.
Let’s say you had a previous experience where you had to plan your work in advance and where people were leaving at 5pm every day: being unable to start working a long time in advance would have been a serious problem. Current assets are a measure of the cash tied up in Inventories, Accounts Receivable etc… while Current Liabilities, is the cash “provided” by Suppliers (Accounts Payable). The company will then pay interest and installments which will be in the Income Statement and the Cash Flow Statement (similar impacts on the 3 statement to a loan).
In an event of a buyout, where the acquirer would purchase the equity and the debt but would use the cash and cash equivalent sitting in the company. This is why Net Debt is used in Enterprise Value Calculation (Total Debt – Cash & Cash equivalent).

The most important financial aggregates will be the ones which will allow you to calculate a detailed cash flow before debt service (payments of debt principal and interests). If you take the example of a Gold Mine, it is fairly easy to forecast cash flows and the life span of the asset. It is also an interesting piece of information on a company as it will give a hint on what type of returns it could expect from its investments (at least equal to WACC). Company ABC should not go for investments providing returns (IRR) lower than its WACC as it would not generate enough value to satisfy both debt and equity providers. With this method, terminal value is extremely sensitive to the WACC and the perpetuity growth rate “g”.
Give the interviewer a story that shows your achievements and how everything fits together for you to be a successful investment banker. Investment banks make money by securing underwriting fees (% of the capital raised) from the public offerings.
On the other hand, for investment banks, it would be the perfect profile: working under pressure, for short deadlines and late at night. Through the Income Statement, the Analyst can have a view on the Company’s cost structure (variable vs.
The balance sheet will reflect the change in cash obtained with the cash flow statement while variation in assets and liabilities will be shown in the cash flow statement whether they are cash generative or not.
If working capital increases, there will be a negative impact of variation of working capital in the cash flow statement (cash flow from operations). The terminal value is the Enterprise value of the company at the end of the horizon, once the company is completely mature. While this method is longer, it will be closer to market value, and God knows bankers lover market values and cash value! To this you make the usual adjustments such as Minority interests, operating leases, investment in associates etc… and you get to Enterprise Value. The cash flow from financing activities is composed of debentures, shares, notes, payments of dividends, interest on debts and loans (either long term or short term debts).3. The cash flow from investing activities usually reflects the change in company’s net fixed assets.

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