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I was lucky in that I had done numerous home construction activities with my dad and knew how to use certain tools. Having never taken a college marketing class yet, at 13 I was about to discover a classic fact of marketing. Barth’s Mini Autobiography - written several year back as a class activity where students and teacher all engaged in reviewing their past. You see, Mauer’s Funeral Home bought these really fancy desk calendars that looked like they were made of genuine leather (they wern’t) and were mailed out to the over 6,000 residents of our town of Liverpool, NY. Stock commissions were high, one could only buy in blocks (100 shares), and the only people who could get live prices were those who had a seat at the brokerage.
Most people just purely choose the REIT with HIGH DIVIDEND and invest blindly without knowing what are the RISKS. The box cutter was out of site and after teaching my 5 year old sister how to weave these slightly over 10” slats together, I resorted to child labor for the real work.
Fortunately I was using this as another teaching and learning experience by having my sister act as bookkeeper and counting people’s change. However I was able to adapt to the market since the dealers began buying up the silver coins in circulation at the time.

I spent some time with her and mom explaining how the pricing worked and then left my catalog with her for several days. If you want to learn how to pick the right REIT and invest to generate passive income safely, check out the very pragmatic and educational public seminar here “Investing in Singapore REIT“. At the very least I could get to spend a little time soliciting her (to buy my wedding invitations). I would observe dad monitoring his stocks in the newspaper, recording their values and dividends on paper spreadsheets, and reading Fortune and Forbes magazine business articles.
Everything is based on learning, and therefore talk, mindless work and fluff activity, etc. The only downside is that I didn’t learn enough languages to appreciate everything at my disposal. As a young person who had experienced his passion and inspiration, I was very saddened by our loss of his leadership. I didn’t sell him anything since he said they were contracted with some other company (interesting how the top guy in the bank had no power). One only needs to look at the bureaucracies in education from the federal and state DOE, down to the district level to see how out of control top down complexities do not lead to better performance, but rather inefficiencies.

I was not into bookkeeping at the time so I don’t really remember how much profit this venture made for me, but it certainly inspired my appetite for future ideas and making money.
Somewhere during this process I got the bug to invest in other companies other than merely my own inventions. Here was someone preparing to go up against one of the most established businesses in a small town, where a sizable investment and large stately home was required. I learned that if I took my radio out to the street in front of our house and held it next to some of the wires running down the telephone pole, I could pick up some radio stations from all over the country.
So I employed a little 3rd-5th grade mathematics (remember I was only seven so I was still in 2nd grade) and measured the slat length, calculating how long they would need to be to get three segments out of each.

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