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All those in favour of the government's needless interference and bullying of the FA are fools. To say that "since taking over two years ago, some members of the ruling NDC government have tried to exert control, claiming they are in power" is false and to bring up the Abedi Pele issue as the reason for the security forces storming the GFA offices is a cheap shot.
We are affiliated to FIFA, and either we abide by their rules, regulations and statutes or we face the consequence.
This is not about who is in government it is about the separation of sport and politics, don't shout for GFA to be taken over by government and then start complaining when all Ghana's teams are banned by FIFA from international football.
Plain-clothes Policemen and operatives of National Security have barricaded the premises of the Ghana Football Association preventing officials from entering or leaving the building.
Only last week, world football governing body, Fifa, issued a statement backing the GFA president and stating that the government could only order investigations into the disbursement of money it gave to the FA but not funds from corporate bodies.
The plain-clothes men are reported to have descended on the FA offices in a number of vehicles, including Mahindra pick-up with registration number GC 6620 09; and two Toyota Landcruisers with registration numbers NR 1018 09 and NR 1039 09.
He said the GFA responded in writing to the SFO, and requested for more time, however there had not been any response. According to the FA president, aspects of the SFO's authority to investigate the GFA is in court already and he would prefer the court to pronounce on it.
A group calling itself supporters of the ruling National Democratic Congress, stormed the GFA offices, albeit belatedly, claiming their objective was to stop the action of the SFO because they felt it gave the government and President Mills a bad name. Even America the father of democracy uses its national security apparatus a lot and they come in different forms. The article alluded to the Glo sponsorship and Nyantakyi's refusal to appear before the SFO to answer questions on that matter.

And this goes for NOT ONLY GHANA BUT EACH AND EVERY COUNTRY, INCLUDING COUNTRIES WE ADMIRE SO MUCH DUE TO THEIR FOOTBALL HISTORY, LIKE BRAZIL! The GFA is part of FIFA so if you think despite warnings by FIFA that government interference in the running of football will result in a ban that it's ok for government to behave in this way then frankly you have no clue and are more concerned with party politics than Ghana Football. He recalled the SFO had invited his office but at a short notice and thought the GFA needed time to organise itself and respond appropriately. I dont know what is happening and it raises a lot of legal issues and we dont determine legal issues in the media, they are determined in the court of law so I will plead with you that let us exercise patience, let them do whatever they are doing we will also take the matter up," said Nyantakyi.
ECONOMIC AND ORGANIZED CRIME OFFICE ( FORMERLY SERIOUS FRUAD OFFICE ) HAS INVITED THE GFA OFFICIALS FOR EXPLANATION TO ONGOING INVESTIGATION. I think that both the actions and the strategy or method being used by the EOCO was right and justifiable. The GFA and for that matter any FA in world is that decides to affiliates itself to FIFA is accountable to FIFA and not its government. And of course, COCONUTHEAD, SABACIOUS, my pals; there is definitely going to be consequences and we will definitely not like it! This is what happens if you think you can use FIFA umbrella to loot millions of government and sponsorship money and go unotice.
From ceasing cars, toilets, buses, insurance offices and among others.Look at the resent attack on our judges.

I BLAME THE GFA Ba€™COS IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE, JUST SHOW UP AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. Nyatakyi and his crooks have been manipulating the system for far too long in the name of mafia FIFA rules. Is either you are with them and allow them to have their way or you will become their anime. GFA CAN NOT HIDE BEHIND FIFAa€™S GOVa€™T NON-INTERFERENCE AND DISOBEY A CONSTITUTIONAL BODY. To hell with FIFA who cannot even control it's members from taking bribes and all the thievery practices going in the football headquaters. Its a waste of time.The SFO should rather be investigating our politians who are enriching themselves from left to right and stop this. If FIFA forbids government from interfering and auditing FA's, then FIFA must finance both leagues and national teams. I read this in BBc this morning and now reading some of these illitrate people in here makes me more mad cos y'll don't pay shit and those that do like myself and some few people here still got the balls to talk bitches.

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