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The two-month (and counting) National Hockey League lockout is being cited as the cause of brewer Molson Coors’ recent decline in sales, particularly in Canada. The labor strife (and bad weather in New York) also got blamed for the NHL’s last-minute decision to cancel the appearance of two of its high-profile representatives at the Standing Senate Committee for Legal and Constitutional Affairs’ final hearing on Canada’s C-290 single-game sports betting legislation.
Rahilly said SFU had recently begun tracking gaming’s influence on its students, something Rahilly defined as “an emerging problem.” Rahilly claimed there was evidence to suggest university-age students preferred to bet with their friends rather than with online gambling sites, then paradoxically claimed that wider availability of sports betting options would result in more gambling. Runciman went on to recount past NCAA point-shaving scandals and how most of these were brought to light via sportsbooks in Nevada reporting unusual betting activity, which Runciman cited as proof that legal, above-ground sports betting was the best defense against match-fixing and the like.
Canadian senator Bob Runciman says the C-290 sports betting legislation will likely die on the order paper before the Senate breaks for summer.

Canada's sports betting bill approved for third and final reading in Senate after NHL officials fail to show at committee hearing.
The NHL to testify against Canada's sports betting law at next Senate committee hearing, but Sen. Two more Canadian senators state their opposition to the C-290 sports betting bill, but their arguments are bereft of verifiable facts.
Rahilly related his concerns that single-game sports betting would negatively impact Canadian universities’ ability to host National Collegiate Athletic Association competitions. Rahilly said he wasn’t aware of the NCAA having any info-sharing agreements with any sports betting outfits, which Runciman described as a “head in the sand” approach.

David Braley stated a protectionist argument for C-290, suggesting the provincial lottery corporations needed to repatriate the billions of Canadian dollars currently going to international online gambling sites. SFU is the first non-American book-learnin’ facility to be granted full active NCAA membership, and the NCAA gets quite peevish regarding holding its championship games in jurisdictions that offer sports betting. Nonetheless, Rahilly described this comingling as a “huge concern on the part of amateur sport because it would be very difficult to detect,” quickly adding that he wasn’t sure whether that would be the case if the info-sharing agreements Runciman referenced earlier were established.

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