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Living in the United States, the scale of foreign investment by Chinese companies isn't so obvious.
Heritage Foundation provides more insight into China's massive investment all over the world with a new report showing moderate growth in Chinese investment so far in 2013 and the map above with total investment and contracts won since 2005.
There's also a fascinating interactive map with detailed information on Chinese investment for every country where it has investments over $100 million.

They were glad for the investment -- in just a few years the country will have its first light rail -- but there's also skepticism. To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. I didn't comprehend the scale of the Chinese investment until I visited Ethiopia earlier this month where nearly all the construction projects -- including a major light rail line -- were being done by Chinese firms (sub-Saharan Africa has the most investment from China of any region).

The redevelopment of a major road was paid for by Chinese government and is now dubbed "Ethio-China Friendship Avenue." In other words, the scale of Chinese investment is overtly apparent in Ethiopia and many other countries around the world, if not as obvious in the developed world.

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